Kiryas Yoel Finalizes Deal to Become Town of ‘Palm Tree’  


The Village of Kiryas Yoel may soon become the Town of Palm Tree (Teitelbaum, or teitel boim, get it?), reports Kol Haolam. The fast-growing Chassidic village finalized a deal with opponents of its expansion on Tuesday, setting up a county legislature vote in September and a voter referendum in November. Currently part of the town of Monroe, the deal is contingent on getting approved by a supermajority of 14 out of 21 Orange County lawmakers and two-thirds of Monroe voters.

The deal is designed to reduce long-standing tensions between the densely populated village and residents of the suburban area. United Monroe agreed to drop its opposition to an approved 164-acre expansion and support the addition of 56 more acres. In return, Kiryas Yoel agreed to a 10-year prohibition on supporting new annexation petitions.



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