Kiryas Yoel Mayor Praises Obama’s ‘Noble Efforts’ for Mideast Peace in Letter to Prez


kiryas-yoel-letter-small1The mayor of Kiryas Yoel, Avraham Wieder, has praised President Obama’s Middle East policy. “You have set out to stop the senseless bloodshed in the Middle East and to bring equitable and lasting peace to millions who have sadly never known it,” said Wieder of Kiryas Joel, the Satmar community in Upstate New York, wrote in a letter to the president. With 20,000 residents, Kiryas Yoel is one the largest Jewish towns in the United States.

“As an American of the Jewish faith, and as mayor of the largest village inhabited by Orthodox Jews, I am writing to support your noble efforts,” Wieder wrote.

Wieder goes on to explain his movement’s view that Jews are prohibited from “conquering the land” of Israel and must wait for Moshiach to re-create Israel.

A news release announcing the letter states that the missive was written “in reaction to the anti-Obama rhetoric of some religious pro-settler organizations” angry about U.S. demands for a settlement freeze.

The letter can be seen below:


















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  1. lets call for a building freeze in kj, as the gentile neighbors are not happy with them, and they are in golus… also lets ask that all their funding be cut, as they are in gulos…They dont seem to worry about gulos unless its in erezt yisroel!

  2. what gives youwieder a right to speak on behalf of klall yisroel ? do you realize if your letter has any impact you can be putting peoples lives on the line . what are you trying to do ?

  3. The comment from YOSELLE and the Comment from Chaya Dovry really say right on target:



    Very well written, thank you Mayor of Satmar. you made a real KIDDUSH HASHEM!

  4. Thank you Mayor, maybe we could send all the Eida & Satmar living in EY to KJ so we have more room for our growing population…

  5. I don’t really see the purpose involved with the publicizing of this letter by
    This issue is contentious enough vis-a-vis the US and Israel,etc. Is the tachlis to stir up more machloikes and strife b/t yidden during these days of ‘bein hamitzorim’? If so,you may congratulate yourselves on a job well done.
    If this wasn’t the intention,maybe next time- by exercing abit more chochma,you can fill up your web site with something less likely to cause so much sinas chinom.


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