KKK Infiltrated Agri, Had Hand in Bringing Down Company


klu-klux-klanAccording to a report today by Jeff Krueger in The Northern Iowan, the Ku Klux Klan, the infamous white supremacy group, had a hand in bringing down Agriprocessors, the once successful kosher meat plant in Postville, Iowa, Matzav.com has learned.

The Ku Klux Klan, an organization that started as a men’s social club more than 144 years ago in Pulaski, Tenn., has have almost 100 members in Iowa. The members are part of the Fraternal White Knights, a division of the KKK.

In an e-mail interview with the Northern Iowan, Brother Douglas said the FWKs now have Klaverns (a group of seven or more members) in at least 11 Iowa towns including Cedar Falls and Waterloo.

Originally known as the Florida White Knights, the FWKs first came into existence in 1983. Douglas said his Klan’s roots can be linked to the first era of the KKK, which lasted from 1865 through the 1870s.

Douglas organized the first local FWK chapter after moving to northeast Iowa in 2003.

He said the FWKs are not a violent, lawless organization like many might believe. “We are a legal, law-abiding organization in which no member of our Klan has ever even been accused of a racial crime,” he said.

“We work toward the day when we are able to influence elections as a means to further our goals,” Douglas said. “We are actively running members for local government in many towns and cities across the nation.”

According to Douglas, the Klan works in a number of ways to achieve its goals. He said that a couple of Klan members had infiltrated the Postville Agriprocessors plant and helped expose illegal immigrants working there. However, he did not give names of the members involved. In May 2008, federal authorities raided the plant, arresting more than 380 illegal immigrants in the process.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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