Knesset Debates Yerushalayim Protests


protest7The Knesset yesterday held a special debate on the protests in Yerushalayim and other cities with large charedi populations. The debate, initiated by Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, was marked by arguments between coalition parties Yisroel Beiteinu and Shas.

MK David Azoulai of Shas claimed that he had heard a rumor that the allegedly abusive mother had been held in a detention cell together with male terror suspects.

Internal Security Minister Yitzchok Aharonovich dismissed the claims, arguing that it was not possible that a woman was placed in a detention cell together with male prisoners.

“How far are you taking this?” he asked Azoulai. has learned, however, that the mother was placed together with an Arab women accused of murder.
The treatment of the mother by Israeli authorities has been appalling, regardless of what determinations are made following the additional expected evaluations of the mother.

{yair Israel}


  1. Had she succeeded in murdering her child would it have been OK to be in a cell with an Arab woman accused of murder. Does she have some moral advantage over the Arab woman?

  2. who are you to say that she murdered the child? do you know the facts that you read are for sure correct? unless if you know first hand that she really did starve her child then you are accusing her falsely

  3. Yerushalayim and Bet Shemesh are the only two places know for ‘violence & riots of personal and property damage’.
    Baruch hashem, all other Charedi areas are b’shalom (tzefat, teveria, bnei brak, petach tikva, rechovot, etc.)

  4. This is an “alilas dam”! Haddasah hospital is trying top cover up a wrong diagnosis. The protests were called for by Rabbonim who are familiar with the facts. Don’t believe the chiloni version.

  5. Emes is Hebrew for Pravda. Stop you senseless hatred of the State of Israel and its citizens. Hadassah hospital is a kidush hashem and the blood libel here is by a lunatic fringe that misrepresents the Torah. The acts of public violence, stoning of policemen, destruction of traffic lights, burning garbage cans are hooliganism and a shame. If anyone thinks that these people are the true Jews, then why don’t you join them? Why do you look at the internet and speak English? The majority of people in Meah Shearim live a life of poverty and alienation but they are good people. The rioters give them a bad name.

  6. to leonard you dont know the first thing about these people i lived as a bochur among them and i saw the daily acts of kindness these people do let me educate you a little .
    the state of isreal before it was founded was led by people who shot and killed their own fellow brothers look up a little history the (altelena ) ship just to name an example they taught jewish people to use force against one another. they beer ultimate responsibility.


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