Knesset Passes Law Giving Secular Workers A Shabbos Break


The Knesset gave final approval this week to a law letting Israeli employees request not to work on the weekly day of rest even without a religious reason without fear of being fired, Times of Israel report. The law previously stated that employees had to prove religious observance when asking to take time off for religious days of rest — Shabbos for Jews, Friday for Muslims and Sunday for Christians. In case of Jewish employees, bosses could demand a declaration saying they keep kosher in and outside their homes and don’t drive on Shabbos.

“The proposal is meant to let any worker refuse to work on the weekly day of rest set by law, and not only those who observe Shabbat and kashrut, without the danger of being fired or not being hired,” MKs Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) and Miki Zohar (Likud) wrote in their explanation for the new law. Read more at Times of Israel.

{ Israel}


  1. mitoch lo kishmah boh lishmah. maybe one if these seculars will see the wisdom of a whole day with no phones, no laundry,etc

    • I don’t think it’ll get them to keep Shabbos. For most of them, it’s just a day off. Of course, those who do keep a traditional sort-of-Shabbos (Friday night meal), it’ll be easier, so at least they’ll have that. However, for some reason, I can see some people (Jews) deciding to have another day off instead, just for spite.


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