Knesset Passes New Tough Law Against Rock Throwers, Imposing Sentences up to 10 Years


arab-rock-palestinianThe Knesset today passed a new tough law with a comfortable majority of 69-17 mandating tough sentences for anyone who throws a rock at a moving vehicle.

The bill, introduced by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, does not require an intent to kill as a pretext for the throwing of the rock. The bill passed after a day-long heated debate in the Knesset in which opponents argued that the bill would be abused, and would amount to a gross violation of human rights.

“We congratulate the Knesset on passing this bill which will once and for all send a loud message that rock throwing will not be condoned against anyone, particularly against people who visit Har Hazeisim,” said Avrohom Lubinsky, Chairman of the International Committee for Har Hazeisim.

A leadership group of the ICPHH had met with Minister Shaked and other senior officials in an effort to pass such a tough new law.

Lubinsky said that the provisions in the law that hold parents of minors accountable is “extremely important” as most of the incidents are perpetrated by minors, mostly at the behest of parents who often stand on the sidelines to watch their offspring heave stones at passing vehicles. They do so because of their knowledge that the minors will not be held accountable. “That game is over,” said Mr. Lubinsky.

The new law coupled with the road closures through Har Hazeism, as well as the beefed up security of a new force of 25 officers and border police, will hopefully bring lasting security to the 3000-year old cemetery.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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