Kosher Comes to Miami Airport

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By Leibel Rodman

Thousands of kosher consumers traveling through Miami International Airport will no longer need to schlep along sandwiches to satisfy their dietary needs.

Kosher food services supplier, Kosher Central, has partnered with Newslink, a national airport concessions provider, to offer a full variety of kosher products at MIA beginning January, 27th.

An assortment of freshly made dairy and meat sandwiches, wraps, salads and pastries will be available in two locations in the bustling airport: The Shoppes at Ocean Drive located outside Gate D17, and Prive Gourmet Market at Gate D30.

Miami International, the 12th busiest airport in the U.S., services tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews each year, seeking respite from the frigid winters of the Northeast.

“People come here to vacation, to relax,” says Joseph Gopin, General Manager of Kosher Central, “there’s no need for them to be surviving on snacks and junk food when they travel.” Gopin/Kosher Central also led the charge for kosher at FLL in 2013.

The lack of kosher options at MIA, which provides hundreds of non-kosher dining options, caught the eye of executives at Newslink.

“We saw a lot of customers whose needs weren’t being met by anybody,” Jaime Alonso, a representative for Newslink, explains, “we wanted to partner with Kosher Central because everything we tried from them was really tasty and high quality, unlike any other kosher I’d tasted in my life. It’s an opportunity to provide delicious dinning options for our kosher and non-kosher clientele.”

Kosher Central is under the rabbinical supervision of the ORB (Orthodox Rabbinical Board) and is pas yisroel, Yhalav Yisroel and yoshon.




  1. I’m from Israel, people in America eat “Kosher food” from these treifah places???? An airport is anyway a goyishe thing. A yid should stay where he is, learn Torah. That will keep him warm, not the Florida sun.

  2. Cibo Express Gourmet Market has a similar arrangement with Wrap2Go at Washington DC Reagan National Airport. It’s at Terminal A, before you go into security.

  3. David, you never traveled anywhere for any reason? Perhaps an airport is such a terrible place to be that whenever you have to go you are Mekabel Taanis….

    Oh, and by the way, the internet is a Goyishe thing. Maybe get off your computer and go back and learn Torah.

  4. Miami is a great story and a great place.

    Would Matzav please do more Miami culture articles? Our people might want to move to a place where the sun shines for many fraternal needs and human hope.

    Share meager times if you will, but we need more articles about judaism all around America and Israel. Thanks.


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