Kushner to Hamas: Abandon Violence and Get Economic Aid


Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, called on Hamas to take clear steps towards peace if it wishes to receive economic assistance, in an op-ed published Friday in the Washington Post, Haaretz reports.

“Life could significantly improve in short order for the Palestinian people if Hamas allowed it,” read the op-ed, which was also credited to Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s special Mideast envoy, and David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Israel. “There are engaged, interested parties with resources who are ready to get to work. Yet without real change accompanied by reliable security, progress is impossible.”

The article emphasizes the economic factor in the peace process, writing: “International donors are conflicted: Should they try to help the people directly, at the certain risk of enriching terrorists, or withhold funding to Hamas and watch the people it is supposed to govern suffer?”

{Matzav.com Israel}


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