Lag Ba’Omer Celebrations Conclude with Over 180 Injured


netz-meronThursday evening saw the conclusion of Lag Ba’Omer festivities in Meron. The celebrations which began on Wednesday, drew hundreds of thousands of Jews to Meron.

Magen David Adom medical teams were on call and on site throughout the celebration. Mad”a spokesperson summed up the day with close to 190 individuals treated for various injuries varying from bruising, fire burns, dehydration and overconsumption of alcohol.

Mad”a CEO Mr. Eli Bin said “In the past 24 hours our teams have treated the hundreds of inflicted individuals as a result of the Lag Ba’Omer celebration on Mount Meron and all over the country” adding “I wish fast recovery to all those injured and blessing to Israeli medical and rescue units as well as security forces.”

{Tazpit, Israel}


  1. Do we really feel that lighting fires and drinking wine (or paying some organization $180) will bring yeshuous. Maybe the rebbees lighting the fire might have some deep thoughts or kavonus that is arguable, but the hamon am that was in meron was it because they feel it gets them close to G-d,

    We must be honest most if not all the people at meron went to have a good time to be part of the matzav (no pun intended), which is fine, but man up to that do not say you went to get close to Hashem.

  2. We must be honest most if not all the people at meron went to have a good time
    On what are basing that remark.Yisroel kedoshem heim.I would say that 99.99 % went to serve Hashem and to be closer to Him.

  3. I’m not saying that every single person who goes to miron goes with the purest of intentions but your comment smells of hisnagdus. Matzav is no place to spew that attitude.

  4. To 3

    You can celebrate lag b’omer and serve Hashem on a much higher level then Meron by learning extra and doing something extra in his zchus without the need to go.

    I.e. the same people who go to Uman every year are the ones who go to Meron to celebrate. Do your research and find out the truth


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