Lakewood Chaveirim Free Automobile Safety Inspections Today


checking-carLakewood Chaveirim, in conjunction with the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch, will present its Second Annual Automobile Safety Inspections today at 410 Oberlin Avenue, at the corner of Cedar Bridge Avenue, from 5 to 8 p.m.  Like last year, Chaveirim volunteers will be on hand to check a vehicle’s tire pressure, blinkers, fluids, spare tire and more. The inspections, which should not be confused with the necessary DMV inspection, will be performed free of charge as a service to community residents in an effort to ensure that all automobiles are safe and sound. The inspection is arranged for this time of year to ensure that all vehicles are safe, as many Lakewood families prepare to embark on a vacation of some sort during the upcoming weeks of bein hazemanim.

 “School is out, it’s almost bein hazemanim, and families like to get away in the coming weeks,” Peretz Gershbaum, a Chaveirim coordinator said. “These simple checks can keep families on the road toward a happy vacation instead of getting stuck on the side of the road in middle of nowhere.”

Last year over 150 people took advantage of the service Chaveirim provided, and many were thankful they did so.

 “A person had low radiator fluid, which could’ve meant getting stuck with a broken radiator – a repair of a few hundred dollars at least – away from home. He was happy to have his radiator filled and thereby avoid a potential disaster,” said Peretz.

With many volunteers scheduled to be on hand this Sunday, residents won’t have to wait long for their car to be inspected.

 {Source: Yated Ne’eman}


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