Lakewood: Erev Shabbos Chanukah Traffic Alert


cars-congestion-pricing-trafficAs we’ve reported in years past, Erev Shabbos Chanukah is an unusually busy traffic day, especially for those who are traveling from the Ihr Hatorah of Lakewood, NJ, to spend Shabbos with relatives in other areas of the Tri-State.

Because so many people leave at the same time, Squankum Road leading to the I-195 gets backed up with motorists waiting to cross the intersection of Old Tavern Road and Lakewood Farmingdale Road – at the end of Squankum Road – just south of the exit to I-195.

Police Chief Rob Lawson of the Lakewood Police Department, at the urging of Lakewood Committeeman R’ Menashe Miller, has worked for an officer to be stationed at that intersection to help keep the flow of traffic moving on this very short Friday.

We would recommend that travelers consider taking alternate routes to the Garden State Parkway by entering at other entrance points near Lakewood. One alternative is to take County Line Road east to the end. Make a left, continuing until Burnt Tavern Road, and follow signs to the Garden State Parkway North. Also, especially for those living on the south side of town, one can enter the Parkway at the Cedar Bridge Avenue/Airport Road entrance ramp.

The Lakewood Volunteer Fire Department urges all residents to use extreme caution when lighting their menorahs, to light in a safe area of the house, and to ensure that menorahs are placed out of the reach of children.

{Dov Newscenter}


  1. The best way from Lakewood to the GSP, especially from the Southern areas such as Pine, Chateau etc is to go south on River Ave (Rt9) to Route 70 east and then join the Parkway at 88. PS i live in UK!!

  2. especially for those who are traveling from the Ihr Hatorah of Lakewood, NJ

    Do you usually refer to Yerusalyim as Ihr Hakodosh or are superlatives reserved for Lakewood NJ?

    Elsewhere I’ve actually seen Lakewood being referred to as the Ihr Hataroh and Yerusilayim simply being called Yeruslayim in the same news article.


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