Lakewood: Frum Board of Ed Member Chaim Rosenblatt Threatened, Nothing Done About It


chaim-rosenblattLakewood, NJ – Chaim Rosenblatt, a frum member of the Board of Education of Lakewood, NJ, has asked for a local resident to be banned from future board meetings because he feels threatened after she told him she wants to see him on “the street.”

The Asbury Park Press reports that the encounter between Rosenblatt and resident Alejandra Morales took place during the public comment portion of Wednesday’s school board meeting.

“I was threatened with what would imply physical harm,” Rosenblatt wrote in an email to several district administration officials on Thursday. “I would like to express the concerns for my safety.”

The emergency Board of Education meeting focused on various services not in place for the township’s private schools on the first day of school. Textbooks, nurses and special services teachers have not yet been put place.

Several black and Latino parents in the audience, including Morales, blasted Rosenblatt for his behavior during previous public meetings.

When she got up to speak, Morales criticized Rosenblatt, saying he tends to get up from his chair so he can wander around the stage, remains seated and mum, or leaves meetings early when board discussions center on services for public school students, many of whom are black or Latino. But when services for Lakewood’s nonpublic schools were the topic, Morales said, Rosenblatt stayed in his chair and was a central part of the discussion.

“Now you have the time? Beautiful,” Morales said to Rosenblatt with obvious hatred. “I want to see you one day in the street.”

The comment by Morales – who punctuated her speech by jabbing her index finger in the air – drew “ooohs” and laughter from many in the audience.

Rosenblatt initially also smiled at what Morales said. But his face then turned into a frown.

“Is that a threat? Is that a threat?” Rosenblatt asked Morales. She did not respond.

On Thursday, Rosenblatt sent an email about the incident to Superintendent Laura Winters, Board Attorney Marc Zitomer, Business Administrator Thomas D’Ambola, Board President Isaac Zlatkin, Security Director John Stillwell, State Monitor Michael Azzara and an Asbury Park Press reporter.

“I would like to know what measures to ensure protection are being taken,” wrote Rosenblatt. “I am now requesting that they not allowing these individuals to attend meetings that I am present by.”

In later emails Rosenblatt sent to district officials and to the Press on Friday, he wrote that he feels threatened by Morales and an unidentified “African American woman” who he said he is trying to identify.

“I do not feel safe around them after these threats to my well-being (were) made,” Rosenblatt wrote on Friday. “I would like to file a complaint and ensure I am not subject of crossing paths with them. Not publicly and (not) privately.”

The board of ed lawyer, Attorney Zitomer, said Lakewood does not intend to file any legal action on behalf of Rosenblatt at this time, said.

“If Mr. Rosenblatt feels that he’s been threatened, he should go to the Lakewood Police Department” and file a complaint against Morales and the other woman, Zitomer said on Friday.

The Asbury Park Press

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  1. I was there and what they did to R’ Chaim was shameful. It was pure Anti Semitism. We need to stand with R’ Chaim. He did nothing wrong and is correct in his request fr these people not to be there. It was terrible.

  2. Maybe the lady actually has a point. Maybe a Jewish member on the board of ed needs to realize that he is actually a steward of the entire town population and not give the dangerous impression that he only cares about the Jewish students.

  3. People wake up. The antisemitism shown by this woman along with many others at the meeting is not only directed at Mr. Rosenblatt. It was directed at the entire Jewish Community.

    As a parent of a child which is legally entitled to Special Ed services yet currently in jeopardy with the madness going on, I would like to publicly thank Mr. Rosenblatt for being the individual who stood up and spoke out against the current situation and administration fighting for our children.

    Much Hatzlocha

  4. Chaim got hosed and the board attorney should be ashamed for not defending him. “Go to the police,” is not a rational response. Shame on the attorney, shame on the attacker, shame on the police.

  5. I wad there and even if the person was correct that doesn’t justify her threat.
    if she would have threatened the black member she would have been arrested.
    She also complained about the school body’s being built by Jewish schools.
    Well why doesn’t she start fundraising in HER community and see if HER PEOPLE will part with their money to help build.

  6. These meetings tend to be long and boring and I see nothing wrong with walking around a bit during meetings. It’s certainly not acceptable to threaten another individual. That has to be over the limit and Chaim has every right to feel safe! Threats are illegal: walking around during meetings is not!

  7. As someone who needs services for my kids, I hereby thank Chaim, as well as the other board members, including Mr. Zlatkin, Mr. Friedman and some others, for really working to help us out and taking the open hatred they have to deal with at every meeting. I express my hakaras hatov to Chaim and to them.

  8. We were much better off when we kept a lower profile and weren’t running every board in town. Not everyone we elect is qualified to do the jobs we put them in and things get out of hand because they’re in over their heads.

  9. #4 – were YOU there??? stop passing judgement. The likes of you have such a disdain for Lakewood and the Torah world that its so hard for you to see anything for what it is… its a rachmonus on you…

  10. maybe the non jewish people on the board of ed should start caring about the tax paying jews in this town. I dont see them taking away programs from the “non tax paying” citizens. (Or non citizens)

  11. I feel bad for a school district when a BOE member can write something like this: “I would like to know what measures to ensure protection are being taken,” wrote Rosenblatt. “I am now requesting that they not allowing these individuals to attend meetings that I am present by.”
    Nebach that a school district can’t even portect its own devoted school board members who do their job to help others and don’t even get paid for it.
    Shame on the district and the town for not publicly defending one of their own reps.

  12. # 16 – Sorry. I am actually from Lakewood and the Torah world. It’s a rachmonus on you. And no, I was not there, but neither were you. I read the article just like you and am calling it as I see it. Do you have anything of substance to say in response to my comment?

  13. I think we should thank people who get involved in these meetings/government, and represent our community. They go out of their way to look out for us, and should not be threatened by anyone. Where would we be if we did not have individuals like Mr. Rosenblatt. thank you

  14. Now if the shoe was on the other foot and a Black or Latino was threatened, oh my God, the world would end as we know it! There would be round the clock news coverage. Every elected official would be making statements. Al Sharpton would of brought his “rent a riot” crowd.