Lakewood, Jackson And Ramapo All Make The “100 Safest Cities” List


The National Council for Home Safety and Security has released a comprehensive list of the hundred safest cities in America. Notable entries on the list were Lakewood (#63), Jackson (#14), and Ramapo (#11).

To put together the list, the organization only used cities with populations over 50,000. Safety was determined by researching the FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics to get the number of violent crimes and property crimes reported by each town. There was an additional internal research by the Council itself.

Ramapo, with its 90,683 residents, had 78 reported violent crimes to go along with 620 property related crimes. Jackson (56,815) had 33 and 459 respectively.

Lakewood’s total number of residents came in at 95,743, with 170 violent crimes reported and 1,076 property crimes.

Brick, (56) Howell (23) and Edison (47) all made the list as well. To see the full list click here.



  1. Some Teaneck and Passaic residents might be interested to know that West New York, NJ and North Bergen, NJ, which used to have small Orthodox communities, also made the list.

  2. @Anon 9:18 am

    Please keep in mind that the number of cities in the USA is completely irrelevant to this article.

    Not all ZIP codes constitute a city.

  3. How is it that Lakewood’s”total number of residents”
    keep changing above and below 100,000 depending on the month?


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