Lakewood Seeks Replacement Tax Assessor After Retirement


lakewood-tax-assessors-officeLakewood Township is seeking a new tax assessor following Linda Solakian’s retirement this month, officials said. The township committee accepted Solakian’s letter of retirement at its last meeting and started advertising for a replacement Sunday, Township Manager Frank Edwards said. Edwards said the applications should be in within three to four weeks.Meanwhile, Aivar Rannamyae, who has a tax assessor’s certificate, is overseeing the office’s day-to-day operations, while tax attorney Salvatore Alfieri is in charge of handling tax appeals.

Solakian, who was the assessor since 1996, announced her retirement in late August, saying the pressure and negative criticism she was receiving from the large amount of tax appealers and the Orthodox Jewish community had caused her stress-related health problems.

{APP/ Newscenter}



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