Lakewood: Shaitel Thefts Solved


shaitelLakewood, NJ – A pair of women recorded on surveillance video stealing wigs during the weekend at Lakewood Beauty Supply were charged Tuesday because people recognized them on social media, police said.

Jakiera Randolph, 18, of Jackson and Kadija Diawara, 19, of Toms River were charged with shoplifting, according to Detective Sgt. Greg Staffordsmith. Both were released after being charged, he said.

“Yesterday we released photos of two females believed to be involved in a shoplifting where approximately $250 in wigs were taken. Within hours we had several calls from concerned citizens identifying each of them,” Staffordsmith said.

Staffordsmih said six different wigs were taken.

“All were black in color but I’m not sure in the particular style,” Staffordsmith said.

The wigs were not recovered, he said.

Read more at the Asbury Park Press.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Can you really get 6 sheitels for $250 in Lakewood?! That averages under $42 per sheitel – even used sheitels that were left for a wash and set are worth more than that.

  2. These are synthetic shaitles.You shouldn’t have a problem getting them at that price no matter where you live.

  3. These wigs were stolen from a beauty supply store, not a sheitelmacher. This is how much sheitlach would cost if we didn’t all submit like mice and pay whatever they ask for. Even when we had synthetic sheitlach, the price in our community was not this low. Our high sheitel prices are not just supply and demand. This is extortion!


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