Lakewood Swine Flu Case Now Reported By the Media, Matzav Learns that Lakewood Mayor Wasn’t Immediately Notified


lakewoodThe media is now reporting a story that appeared first here on earlier in the week that a student in a local Lakewood yeshiva has been diagnosed with swine flu. The confirmation has been made publically by Lakewood Police Chief Robert Lawson, who, in his position as the Coordinator of the OEM (Office of Emergency Management), has been handling the publicity of this case.

Lawson said he was told two days ago by a school administrator that a student – who learned is an eighth grader – was diagnosed after going to a doctor last week with flu-like symptoms. The name of the student and his school were not released by the media. The report today appeared in The Asbury Park Press

Lawson said he is setting up a meeting between school administrators and the Ocean County Health Department to discuss ways to prevent the flu’s spread and when, if necessary, to close a school. The chief said is aware of only one case and that no schools have been closed so far. learned that Lakewood Mayor Bob Singer did not initially know about the swine flu case in Lakewood and only learned about it second hand. A number of Lakewood officials were not informed of the confirmed case immediately, creating some confusion and frustration.

“We’re trying to avoid panic in the community,” Lawson said. “From what I’ve learned, it’s not any more pernicious than the regular flu.”

Donna Leusner, spokeswoman for the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, said the state lab is the only place that can confirm a case of swine flu, also known as H1N1 influenza. As of this afternoon, the number of confirmed cases in Ocean County has not risen from the two reported several days ago, Leusner said. A total of 125 cases have been confirmed statewide, with another 23 listed as probable.

NJ Has 114 Confirmed Swine Flu Cases, 20 Probable

Health officials have confirmed 114 cases of swine flu in New Jersey and 20 probable cases.

Morris County has the most — 20 confirmed cases — followed by 17 in Hudson County and 13 in Monmouth County.

School 28 in Paterson is closed today after an early dismissal on Tuesday because more than 100 students were reported absent. A large number of students exhibited flu-like symptoms, but no cases were confirmed.

No cases have been confirmed in the southern New Jersey counties of Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Hunterdon and Salem.

No one has died from swine flu in New Jersey.

The World Health Organization says the disease has reached 64 countries and infected nearly 19,000 people, causing 117 deaths.

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  1. OKAY, there are confirmed cases in every city already. Did Lakewood get caught by shock that a child came down with symptoms? Why the big silence?

  2. The Gra says in his sefer “Even Shlaima” that the purpose of this world is to perfect your middos. Sound advice. I think you should follow it!


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