Lakewood Township Commitee Backs Lifting Age Restriction on Pive River Village


pine-river-villageThe Pine River Village senior citizen development in Lakewood, NJ, starved by the recession, could soon be soliciting younger buyers after the Township Committee voted last night to ask the Planning Board to consider lifting the community’s age restriction.

The township, however, expects something in return. And you guessed it: money.

Somerset Development, which bought the property for $9 million, offered to compensate the township $425,000 for the 85 lots – or $5,000 per house –  that would be available to all families at Pine River Village. The compensation, which the township has not yet accepted, came after protests from some residents and committeemen that the developer should pay the taxpayers the value difference of when the deed changes to all-inclusive and the property’s worth is substantially increased.

“You are here asking us for relief on your deed restriction and we want to help you,” Committeeman Steven Langert said. “On the other hand, it’s our obligation to look out for the taxpayer.”

Langert said that if the appraiser reports back that the $400,000 is not fair he will not vote to finalize the agreement, expected to happen Aug. 20. Mayor Robert W. Singer said the compensation is to help the township with the added expenses that come with more families and children, such as more garbage collection and school busing.

Pine River residents have been waiting more than a year for the deed change.

“I didn’t come here to be involved in politics,” said R’ Yehoshua Privalsky, 60, a resident of PRV.  “I want my quality of life back.”

It is expected that the Township will ask Somerset for more than they are offering, but how much more is not clear. If the deed change is approved, the land designated for PRV will be split, with one half going for the 85 or so senior homes, and the rest of the tract of land – a separate development – being used to build houses that can be sold to buyers of all ages.

Currently, almost 40 houses in PRV have been sold, mostly to people who have children living and learning in Lakewood.

{ Newscenter, with the Asbury Park Press}


  1. they should give back money to the people who live in pine river village already as now it is diiferent from what they originaly bought


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