Landau: If Terrorists Want to Starve Themselves, Let ‘Em


uzi-landauIsraeli Water and Energy Minister Uzi Landau – who has a rich defense background, having served in the past as Public Security Minister – said that Israel should respect the wishes of terrorists who preferred to starve themselves, and not try to figure out ways to convince them to eat. “This hunger strike and the riots in their wake is just another provocation by the Palestinian Authority,” he said. “We must not panic.”

Speaking to Arutz Sheva Monday, Landau said that the PA was going out of its way to cause riots, as a “greeting,” and a message, to U.S. President Barack H. Obama, due here for a visit in several weeks. “The riots in ‘protest’ over the prisoner who died in Megiddo Prison are just a pretext,” he said. “They would have found another reason to riot had he not died.” Landau said that the PA has never honored the agreements it signed with Israel, and has constantly promoted terror by honoring terrorists, naming streets and squares after them, providing them with pensions, etc.

{Writing the Wrongs/ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Finally! The voice of reason! Let them kill themselves; it saves us the job, and it also saves the lives of innocent people who are murdered by these animals.

  2. He’s right. If a bloodthirsty murderer would like to kill himself, so be it. The world will be better for it.

    Its also ridiculous to care about the PAs claims. When they’ll just BEGIN keeping some of their many commitments in reducing terror, then they can begin to talk.

  3. In the 1940s, Irish Prime Minister Eamon De Valera secretly helped the allies, over the objections of some of his former colleagues in the Irish Republican Army, who hated the British so much that they wanted to help the Nazis (even though Ireland has no history of anti-Semitism). Some went on hunger strikes. De Valera let them die.


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