Lapid: “I Am Too Soft On Chareidim”


yair-lapidFinance Minister Yair Lapid has accused Shas leader Aryeh Deri of lying and making it “impossible for us to ever cooperate with him on issues concerning his constituency.” On Monday, Education Minister Shay Piron agreed with Deri to postpone for several months budget cuts that will hit school systems linked to Shas and United Torah Judaism, ultra-Orthodox parties currently in the opposition.

On Tuesday, Lapid wrote on his Facebook page that Deri was portraying the agreement as a victory for Shas and a surrender by Lapid and Piron to charedi pressure. The real issue, Lapid wrote, was that there was a bureaucratic problem annulling the clause that grants full funding to Shas’ Ma’ayan Hachinuch Hatorani school system. Another problem may have been the press release by Lapid’s Yesh Atid party Monday night. It failed to state that funding would be halted within six months, but rather would be reexamined “after the Education Ministry establishes a new national-charedi education system during this school year.”

On his Facebook page Lapid wrote that, at work at 1 A.M. Tuesday, he looked at his phone “and discovered that my new problem is that I’m too soft on the charedim.”

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{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. He thought we were all losers who would kiss his toes for looking like he’s giving us something- he forgot he’s taking on a huge community that has a set of pride and brains of their own.

  2. Shas has a higher % of it’s MK’s presently serving in the IDF than Yesh Atid

    (and for that matter several other parties.
    Hard to believe,check it up)


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