Lapid: Work, Not Allowances, Brings People Out of Poverty


yair-lapidYair Lapid is the savior. That’s what he says anyway.

The Finance Minister told Israel Radio, in response to an OECD report that claimed Israel’s poverty level in 2010 was the highest among developed countries, ‘Allowances don’t take people out of poverty, they keep people in poverty. Work brings people out of poverty… It is already sad that there are groups that are predefined as poor,”

“There were two polls this week. In one I lost two mandates and in the other I lost three [from the 19 Knesset seats his party garnered in January’s election]. If this is the hardest political fall, if that’s all I lost, then we learned something: that all the people who thought that Yesh Atid was a trend party see that it is something solid…

“In a year, they’ll say thank God there was a responsible hand at the wheel,” he said referring to himself.

“For example, I’m not harming the middle class, I’m helping the middle class. Part of protecting and defending the middle class means ensuring that the Israeli economy and all the social services don’t collapse around it.

“It’s not just people who don’t work. Working people are also under the poverty line….

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “Work brings people out of poverty”…..”Working people are also under the poverty line” ????? Which one is it? This guy is all about lines.

  2. This guy has no idea of who the middle class is. He comes from a privileged family, led a privileged life and acts as though anyone whose income is just a bit under his = middle class.

    The real middle class in Israel has no patience for his platitudes.


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