Large Search for Missing Boy in Lakewood


missing-boy-lakewood[Update below.] A search is underway for a nine-year-old boy who went missing at about 8 p.m. this evening in Lakewood, NJ. Local residents have joined members of Lakewood Chaveirim, Hatzolah, the¬†Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch and police officers in searching for the boy, Chaim, who is 4’8, weighs about 80 pounds, has blond hair and blu eyes, is wearing black pants and a white shite with dark stripes and black sneakers with a red Nike logo.

The boy was last spotted in the area of Dina Court, off of Ridge Avenue.

Anyone with information regarding the boy is asked to call 732-363-0200.

Update: The boy has been found, some 3-1/2 hours after he went missing. Special thanks has been expressed to the tens of selfless volunteers who took part in the search.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Why can’t Matzav write a normal sentence in the english language? What does a “large” search mean? How much does it weigh, how big is it?). What does it mean the boy “went” missing”?

    In addition, to make the story interesting and worthwhile, why not tell the reader why he was missing, he got lost? he ran away, he was kidnapped? Vus. How and why did he “went” missing?

  2. In response to the reader (3) who found fault with the headline about the missing child, I am at a loss to understand how Matzav would have improved the headline. One of the fundamental axioms of writing is to get the idea across in the simplist way possible, without destroying the language you are using.

    As much as I try, I can’t think of an improvement in the headline that is worth the time and effort. Perhaps the reader should try of occupy his/her mind with more substantive matters.


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