Lawmakers Calling On Albany To Allow Speed Cameras In NYC


speed-cameraState lawmakers are considering a bill that would enable New York City to install up to 40 stationary and roving speed cameras at high-risk locations for the next five years.

The cameras would not photograph drivers, but would capture license plate numbers. Fines would range between $25 and $100 and insurance companies would not be notified of violations.

The calls for a crackdown on speeding comes after several high-profile crashes, including a hit-and-run collision that killed Nachman and Raizy Glauber and a day later, their newborn son.

“This is not about ‘gotcha’ or even revenue generation,” said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. “This is about safety and I believe New Yorkers understand that. That’s why we have so many community boards and civic unions in support.”

“Speeding is one of the major causes of traffic collisions and fatalities in New York City, and effective enforcement of speed limit laws in New York could dramatically reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths that occur,” said Assembly member Linda Rosenthal.

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  1. Just for the record, the killer of the Glaubers A”H, would not care less about these cameras, both because he was drunk, and because the car was not his. Besides the point, if someone jumps a stop sign, I doubt a t bone of 35mph would be less fatal then a 60 mph t bone. So don’t come with your stories of not trying to be a gotcha. These thieves (read lawmakers) will keep on tightening the noose, and always will push it after some tragedy, to have the stupid public believe that they’re out for the good o the public. We need to all stand up an tell these guys that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


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