Lawsuit: TLC Mistakes Black Man, Bi-Racial Wife For Illegal Livery Cab Driver, Passenger


livery-taxi-nycAfter their recent gaffe dealing with a driver from the Chesed organization of Boro Park, the TLC is in trouble again.

A married couple allegedly mistaken for an illegal livery cab driver and a passenger is suing the Taxi & Limousine Commission for $3 million, alleging racial profiling, CBS reports.

Attorney David Haber said his client, Dan Keys, who is black, was dropping his wife Symone Palermo, who is bi-racial, off at work when a TLC investigator pulled them over “for what we believe was no other reason than their race.”

Palermo was sitting in the backseat of their Lincoln Town Car at the time of the incident because the front seat was wet from the rain, according to CBS NY.

Haber said the agents lied on the summons claiming “they observed money being exchanged” and that Palermo, the owner of the car, admitted to paying for the ride.

“Ms. Palermo denies ever saying that,” Haber said.

The city held the couple’s car for eight days, Silverman reported.

“They were outraged, they were left standing in the rain,” Haber said.

The attorney claims there is evidence to show it’s a TLC custom to target vehicles with minority drivers and white passengers.

“We believe the city should be held accountable for that,” Haber said.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Why only the racial arguments qualify to defend the basic human rights? Why isn’t the presumption of innocence enough to prevent taking away people’s cars before the day in court? 1984?!


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