Leading Black Activist, Ministers Say ‘Congressional Black Caucus Should be Absolutely Ashamed’ for Boycott of Netanyahu Speech



A prominent leader of the black Christian community on Thursday, along with leading black ministers, lashed out at the Congressional Black Caucus for its boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress on March 3.

“The Congressional Black Caucus should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and these black ministers are standing to oppose them,” said Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a public policy think-tank. “We want the Israeli Prime Minister to know that he is welcomed here by the black Christian community.”

“Israel has had to fight for survival every single day since its founding and it is a sign of ungratefulness that the Congressional Black Caucus is not supporting Prime Minister Netanyahu as the Jewish community stood by us throughout the Civil Rights Movement,” she added. “They financed Dr. Martin Luther King. They helped found the NAACP. Two Jewish youth even died in Mississippi trying to help the black community.”

Parker made the comments during a press conference in Washington where leaders of the black Christian community gathered to voice support for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Ministers who delivered statements at the event included Bishop David A. Richey of the Gulf Coast Christian Center in Mobile, Alabama, Pastor Levon Yuille of The Bible Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Pastor Cecil Blye of More Grace Ministries in Louisville, Kentucky, Pastor Dexter D. Sanders of the Rock Center for Transformation in Orlando, Florida and Rev. Ralph Chittams, Sr. of the Forestville New Redeemer Baptist Church in District Heights, Maryland among a number of others.

Leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus said their position on Netanyahu’s speech, which will address the Iranian nuclear threat, is an act of protest against US House Speaker John Boehner, who invited Netanyahu to address Congress without giving much advance notice to the White House. Boehner admitted earlier in February that he made a politically calculated decision to inform the White House on the morning of his invitation to Netanyahu, fearing “interference” by President Barack Obama.

Parker on Monday wrote an op-ed entitled “Black Christians Love Israel,” in which she argued that all Americans should support Netanyahu’s speech “with enthusiasm.” She said that those Congressional Black Caucus leaders who do not attend the prime minister’s address to Congress “violate the principles of freedom of our nation, for which Dr. King fought. They also betray the unique relationship of black Christians, and America in general, to the Jewish people and the state of Israel.”

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  1. Said U.S. Representative Gregory Meeks: “Barack Obama is my president…and it is clear, therefore, that I’m not going to be there, as a result of that, not as a result of the good people of Israel.”

    Talk about political spin…and playing the race card. Putting politics (loyalty to HIS man in the White House) over principle (concern over the threat to the lives of 6 millions Israeli Jews by the mad mullahs of Iran), Mr. Meeks has joined with his fellow members of the Congressional Black Caucus in their boycott of PM Netanyahu.

    Why? Because Mr. Meeks claims that the president is being “disrespected.” Let us say, for argument’s sake, that this is true. Even then, does the respect that Mr. Meeks expects for the president override the urgent call-to-arms against the planned GENOCIDE of six million Jews?

    In September of 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement with Adolf Hitler (Y”SH), much as US President Barak Obama is set to sign a similarly dangerous agreement with the Ayatollah. A prominent member of Parliament at the time, one Winston Churchill, who was a fierce critic of Chamberlain, called this act of delusional appeasement on the part of the prime minister the SHAME of the nation. He certainly did not RESPECT the foolishness of the leader of the British people. Obama’s appeasement of the Ayatollah is just as SHAMEFUL. Mr. Meeks would now join the appeaser-in-chief and put HIS alleged honor above the welfare of 6 million people…clearly not learning a thing from history.

    It is my sincere hope that the Jewish community of Far Rockaway, which heretofore has been a solid supporter of Mr. Meeks, will vote in the 2016 election to send him out the exit door of his congressional office.

  2. They are boycotting Netanyahu because the CBC is LIBERAL first and black second.

    Its the leftist liberals that are Israels biggest opposition in the United States.

    And it all starts with the radical left-wing extremist in the White House.


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