Letter from Rav Chaim Kanievsky On Current Matzav




  1. That’s not quite the translation, any chizuk is lost.

    R’ Chaim Starts off by saying that its a worrisome time period and that Hashem is talking to us. He mentions the Gaza fighting and Hurricane Sandy.

    We should strengthen our learning. Those in yeshiva with increased hasmoda and balei battim by being meticulous with our set sedorim. That the zechus hatorah will save us spiritually and materially.

    He ends somewhat cryptically by writing that it is also a period of happiness and that we await moshiach. Amen

  2. Q: What does Hashem want from us and what do we need Chizuk in?
    A: Hashem is talking to us and telling us to do Teshuva. We have to be Mechazek in learning Torah. The Bnei Torah should learn Torah with Great Hasmadah. And the Balei Batim should be very Makpid on being Koveah Itim. The Zechus of Torah is very great. Torah will save us and watch over us.
    In the Zechus of Torah we will be Zocheh to Ruchnius, Gashmius and Hatzlochoh, in this world and the next world.

  3. Rough translation (all errors are mine):

    It is a time of distress for Yaakov.

    The situation in Eretz Yisrael requires mercy. In the US as well there was recently a great hurricane. Hashem is speaking in “the Voice of Hashem shatters cedars.” [Tehillim 29:5].

    What does Hashem want us to say now, and in what do we require strengthening?


    “You reduce man to nothing and say ‘repent, sons of Man'” [Tehillim 90:3]

    Hashem is speaking to us, “Repent!”. The initial judgement of man is in the wrds of Torah. Primarily, one must stengthen one’s study of Torah.

    Torah scholors must study with great intesity.

    Lay people must be extremetly meticulous in establishing set times for Torah [study].

    The merit of Torah [study] is very great; Torah shields and saves.

    In the merit of the Torah, one merits spirituality, as well as physical benefits and success, both in the next world as well as this worls.

    “Only joy and happiness will they obtain, and banish sorrow and sadness.”

    With the coming to Zion of the Reseemer speedily, amen.

  4. And all girls in the world named Shira should change their names, which the Rav often expresses to those who visit him, seeking his blessing.

  5. Missed a couple of lines and not entirely correct in some parts, all errors are mine alone:

    Letter from the Rav Gaon Gadol
    R’ Chaim Kanievsky Shlit”a
    8th of Kislev 5753 (Nov. 22nd)

    Tumultuous Time for Ya’akov

    Eretz Yisrael needs mercy from Hashem due to the seriousness of the current situation. Mercy’s also required for our brethren in the United States to deal with the aftermath of the serious storm. Hashem is sending us a message…”the voice of Hashem breaks the cedars” (Ps. 29)

    What is it that Hashem wants from us now? What do we need to improve in?


    Hashem is telling us to do Teshuva. The beginning of the judgement of man are the words of Torah. We need to strengthen ourselves in the area of Torah learning.

    Bnei Torah need to learn with tremendous dedication.

    Ba’alei Batim need to make a serious point of setting time to learn daily.

    The reward of Torah is very great, The Torah will save us and give us the success we need.

    The merit of Torah will benefit us spiritually, materially and give us success in both the World to Come and this world.

    May the Redeemer come to Zion soon, amen.

  6. we see what the rav has to say. torah learning is the only thing that will help the situation along with teshuva. let us not ignore this powerful messege in which the rav is trying to convey.

  7. it always shocks me & saddens me that it takes the situation to become this bad R”L before we can accept Hashems wake-up call for teshuva.
    why can’t we do teshuva & achdus before these tragic events happen.

    perhaps you can guide me with an answer.

    i would be scared of what holds in store for the future of klal yisroel.
    Sadly the main reason to be scared is because we are not changing our ways towards teshuva & are therefore CAUSING OURSELVES great tzaros R”L we don’t know how tragic the next event can be C”V

    may we all do the proper teshuva Hashem is waiting for so mashiach can come

  8. Wherever you are in the US things are not good. People laid off. States and cities are bankrupt. Yes, do TESHUVA and learn but our grandparents also learned right up to gas chambers, C”V. America is not the America of the 1950s.

  9. Yehuda, stop being a phony. get off the internet and learn. You waste a lot of time by posting comments so you should be the first to do teshuva and get off line and devote time to Torah study

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