Letter: Time to Rein in KJ


kiryas-yoelThe following letter appeared in the weekend edition of The Times Herald Record:
In the light of current economic conditions, I am prompted to observe the following: Rep. John Hall calls for a new earmark for Kiryas Joel of $900,000 for sidewalks. This added to last year’s $520,000 for KJ emergency radios. KJ expenditures of taxpayer cash have gone on for too long at an alarming rate. The Women’s Health Center was funded by the public at triple the original cost, to the tune of $11.4 million. In 2007, KJ received $3,038,224 and in 2006 it was $2,490,677. The KJ School District, which is the smallest in the region, had a budget of $13 million, was funded $6.3 million for two years by Sen. Schumer.KJ requested $864,000 for a water treatment plant to be paid by the CDBG ($600,000). The question now is how long will we continue to fund KJ?

Although its population is 60 percent below the poverty line, it continues new construction while its neighbors struggle to meet expenses and dropping property values. Young couples with excellent financial ratings find it difficult to secure mortgages, yet KJ continues to spend public funds.

The American dream of independence and diversity is a worthy one. Most of us live it each day. We pay our taxes, obey the law and strive to improve. The Amish live a separate lifestyle, but do not take advantage of their neighbors. It is a choice to have large families and the related responsibility that goes with it. In my judgment, living a separate lifestyle is one thing, but expecting neighbors to subsidize it is quite another when bloc voting continues to influence politicians and the public coffers. When will our representatives stand up for what is fair, equal and just?

Stephen Zecher


{The Times Herald-Record} 


  1. “bloc voting continues to influence politicians and the public coffers.”

    yes so lets disband all union bloc voting or would that not work for you? Yeah I didnt think you would apply criticism equally across the board because you real gripe is with frum jews who choose not to buy into your “diversity” and have values which run opposite to you.

  2. There is nothing wrong or un-American with block voting, but why do we Jews give so much ammunition and justification to those that dislike us.
    We are always busy calling everyone who dislikes us “anti-semite”, and them give them reason to be one.
    Before we do something, why can’t we try to see and understand the affect our actions have on others?


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