Leukemia Strikes, Takes Father-of-Three in Just 7 Days



“We should bring his wife in”

Sunday night: A minyan is around Chaim Yosef Klein’s bed. The beeping is slowing down now… Shema Yisrael! Watch the heartbreaking video>>>

Less than a Week Before…

It’s tuesday. Tatty told Mommy that the doctor said to go to the hospital. “Tatty’s been tired and a little dizzy,” Mommy explains to Mendy, “he’ll be right back.”

The doctor says that the blood tests show late-stage Leukemia. But not to worry, Chaim Yosef is young and the treatments should work. Back at home, Mommy tells Mendy that she’s going to visit Tatty, “He’s coming right back, but I need to visit him.”

When I sing I can bear the pain

It’s Shabbos afternoon now, Chaim Yosef is getting hooked up to even more wires when his brother walks in. He’s already in a hospital gown, his face the color of ash. His brother has brought some chulent, but neither can eat. The pain is so intense. “Let’s sing, I’ll feel it less.” They sing together, two brothers. But the leukemia overpowers the Zmiros. His brother steps out to get painkillers, but when he comes back Yosef Chaim is unresponsive.

Can Mendy read?

The entire Kehilah has come to the Levayah. Mendy understands exactly what’s going on. His two younger brothers are quiet, but he’s pink-faced from sobbing. Someone kneels next to him, holding a Kaddish card. “Mendy, can you read this for everyone?” And he begins, “Yi, Yis, Yisgadal V’Yiskadash Shmei Raba.”

Don’t Leave Mendy Alone!

Mendy, is all alone. Chaim Yosef worked for every penny he had and without him their future is crumbling. He was pillar of his Kehilah and the rock of his family. Now there is nothing.

Click on this link and donate now to save the Klein family from total collapse.


  1. This couple are very beloved by everyone. They both worked extremely hard not to be dependent on anyone. This man always exhibited a tremendous ahavas Yisroel at work. Everyone loved him!!! The saddest part is seeing his wife and children dependent on society when they lived and worked so hard to avoid that. But who thought this man would be nifter so soon….. Very very scary and sad. But definitely a worthy cause to give to.


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