Liberman Urges Presidential Pardon For IDF Soldier Azaria


Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday sent an appeal to President Reuven Rivlin urging him to grant pardon to IDF soldier Elor Azaria, who is currently serving a 14-month prison sentence for shooting dead an incapacitated Palestinian terrorist in February 2017.

“I would like to ask that you accept Elor Azaria’s request, and grant a pardon for the remain of his prison term,” Liberman wrote in a letter to Rivlin, calling the shooting of the Palestinian “an operational mistake”.

“People with much more senior positions than Azaria have been pardoned for acts similar or even more severe than Azaria,” Liberman wrote.“We must put an end to the affair that shook Israeli society, and at this time show leniency and mercy to the soldier,” he urged.“We send our daughters and sons to defend the security of the state” he wrote, “placing them in complex situations unlike any other in the world, and demanding that they act courageously, resolutely, professionally and morally.” Read more at i24NEWS.





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