Lieberman: ‘Clinton Will Testify’ On Benghazi


joe-liebermanSen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) expects Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify on the Benghazi attacks once her health improves, he said during a news conference Monday, while discussing a Senate Committee on Homeland Security report on the Sept. 11 attacks in Libya.

“Secretary Clinton has made clear that she will testify and I think that’s a good idea,” Lieberman said.

On the issue of denying requests for increased security funding at the Benghazi facility, Lieberman added that the thousands of pages of documents the committee received from the State Department offer “no evidence of direct responsibility” concerning Clinton.

Clinton is currently hospitalized for a blood clot which resulted from a concussion earlier in December. Some on the right have questioned whether Clinton’s illness over the last several weeks has been feigned or exaggerated in order to avoid testifying on Benghazi.


{ Newscenter}


  1. I love that Matzav uses such distinguinshing photographs of our most renowned senators and other policians usually the liberals online. We are so endowed as Israelites to show the world who is right and who is a little baby who wants to steer us wrong by our own narcissistic way of life online. Thanks Matzav. Hope you have a better year.


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