Life Changing Approach to Shalom Bayis, Mental Freedom in NYC This Sun-Mon


World renowned London counselors Rabbi Shaul and Chana Rosenblatt will be in NYC for two days this Sun-Mon, March 19-20, teaching an approach to unconditional peace of mind and peace in the home known as Innate Health that has deeply touched thousands of frum participants around the world.  Full seminar details and video clips HERE.

“In over 25 years of work in kiruv and chinuch, I have not found a more accessible resource than these principles to help people find lasting wellbeing,” says R. Shaul, founder of Aish HaTorah UK and current director of Tikun outreach center in London.

Innate Health is not about techniques, communication skills or exercises, he emphasizes, and there’s nothing to be “good” at.  These principles point people to what’s always present: our connection to Divine wisdom and resilience right now.

“Our wisdom and wellbeing are like the sun in the sky,” he explains, “it’s always there.  It just gets  covered up by the weather of our own moods.  Don’t try to change the weather to bring back the sun,” he laughs.  “One, it will wear you out.  Two, it moves on it’s own!”

Rabbi Henry Harris, Director of the Jewish Center for Wellbeing and seminar organizer, agrees.

“A lot of folks feel discouraged about the job of improving their marriages, their lives,” he explains.  “We see that when people understand the fluid nature of thought, they have less need to change the content of their thought.  As Shlomo Hamelech said, ‘It moves on.’”

Testimonials of prior participants

1) “Learning about the principles at a rough time in our marriage was G-d sent.  Instead of being given advice and pointers and being encouraged to seek out painful memories, we were suddenly given a fresh start.”

2) “The equation has changed from ‘Compromise and forgiveness will better a marriage’ to ‘of course I will forgive and comprise, why would I not?’ And even when my state of mind is low and I don’t feel like forgiving, that’s fine too!  I don’t have to act upon that feeling…Why would I if I understand that it’s based on my thought at that moment?…and thoughts constantly change….I now trust in that cycle and let nature run its course. That is liberating to me and to the people close to me as well.  I am comfortable with myself so I am comfortable with others…I won’t judge myself and won’t judge others.”

3) “I was a very moody person.  It could last days.  I don’t call myself moody any more. Since I understand where downs come from and how they work, I don’t take it to mean so much anymore.  Even when I do dip, it lasts shorter and isn’t as deep.  It used to look like it was sourced in my nature or my circumstances.  I’m less in my head and more available to my wife and kids.  As a result, I connect more often, more deeply and more consistently.”

4) “I saw how we were bringing out the worst in each other.  When I understood how moods work, I stopped seeing her as her anxious thoughts.  It just made sense not to be reactive.   I felt compassion and saw her beauty even in her lower moments.  We’re now happily married.”

FAQs About the Innate Health Seminar

  • Is this Jewish?

Though Innate Health is not Torah, a growing number of rabbis and educators, including HaRav Michel Twerski of Milwaukee, have found it to be both consistent with Jewish teachings and a valuable resource for simple, affordable, and lasting wellbeing.

  • Is this only for people who are married or in relationships?

No.  Anyone who gains an understanding about the nature of thought and human resilience will naturally do better in life and in relationships.

  • Has this been helpful for folks suffering from real depression or anxiety?

Yes.  In the words of several participants in Innate Health programs:

“I was in over six years of intensive therapy – in-patient, out-patient – plagued with negative thought.  I always felt so ashamed of it.  The conference was my first exposure to Innate Health.  I learned so much.  I am now calm when these thoughts come.  I used to feel it’s the end of the world.  Now, I think it’s just going to pass, it’s just the human condition. I spent so much time taking my thinking so seriously, often in therapy itself.  Oh my gosh, this makes so much sense.”

“I was diagnosed with PTSD over 12 years ago and was in therapy twice weekly for almost ten years.  I was always playing music or listening to Audio Books so my thoughts wouldn’t move me into anxiety, flashbacks, depression and such. I was avoiding listening to my own thoughts because of fear. In only a few months after learning about these principles, I noticed I wasn’t “plugged in” one day. I hadn’t turned something on to avoid the fear. I was experiencing peace, quiet inside my mind and it was like touching heaven. I now rarely put on music or books, I walk in such peace.”

  • Is this seminar guaranteed?

No.  There are no guarantees in life – just good investments.

Full seminar details and clips of the Rosenblatts here:



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