LIFE & DEATH: Urgent Message From Eidah Chareidis

The document below is a message from the Badatz of Yerushalayim, regarding a young boy named Yaakov Rosenberg. Yaakov was born with a throat defect which prevents him from eating and drinking, and makes breathing difficult. He receives his “food” through an IV.
At just 6 years old, Yaakov has already had two unsuccessful throat surgeries. His parents have been advised to fly him as soon as possible to America, to a particular specialist known to be trained in the procedure which could allow the boy to eat normally again.
The price of the surgery, however, comes to $35,000. The Rosenberg family live modestly as is, and have been hit hard by both medical bills of Yaakov’s, and those of another child in the family who is also ill. They are now in a position to either raise the money and save their child’s life, or to give up.
For this reason an urgent statement has been issued by the Eidah Chareidis of Jerusalem, on behalf of the Rosenberg family. Stressing that the situation is “mamash pikuach nefesh,” truly a matter of life and death, Rav Yaakov Yurovits shlit”a has called on Jewish people from around the world to unite in saving the young boy’s life.
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  1. Re “talk is cheap”?! when we daven to the Ribono Shel Olam every single Tefilla is necessary. How dare you tell the first comment such a disgusting remark; besides the classless remark “send money”. Think before you post, especially during these tragic nine days. Is it possible he’s not able to send money?! al eileh ani bochia,,,,,,,,


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