Life Expectancy Grew 6 Years Since 1990



Life expectancy across the world has risen by more than six years since 1990, according to an analysis from a 2013 Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study.

Falling death rates from cancer and heart disease in developed countries and better survival rates of diarrhea, tuberculosis, and malaria in poorer countries contributed to the falling death rate. The one exception, however, is southern sub-Saharan Africa, where HIV/AIDS has reduced life expectancy by five years since 1990. Read more at CBC News.

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  1. how soon can YOU stop taking life for granted?-although it’s human nature, so you are not to be blamed-

    Messages to help you stop taking life for granted & show Hashem you appreciate the gift of life & due to that you deserve to live until 120.

    MESSAGE 1:
    I don’t know about everyone, how often we think about our life, most people make an account of their life once a year-before Yom Kippur- Tzaddikim make an account once a month-before Yom kippur Kotton. I know a person that makes a account of his life almost everyday of his life. He told me this is the final last thing he thinks about almost every night AFTER saying Krias Shma al Hamita he makes an account thinking did i learn today, daven, give tzedaka, help another yid etc… is Hashem going to say to his Malachim i have Charata (pity) i gave this yid an extra day to live. How precious life is. Hashem doesn’t just say this yid will live to 98 this one to 108 & this one to 110, every day & hour is a gift from Hashem, U’vacharta B’chaim-you should choose life-lets learn this now while we are still young.

    The age of 60 is the year when a person starts to look back at his 40 years of Adulthood (from 20 to 60). Statistics say that 90 percent of people feel bad that they’re time was not spent wisely-a person promises Hashem, if you turn me back into a twenty year old (if he gets back his 40 years) i promise i will spend my time more wisely-NOW THATS BAD NEWS. How precious life is & every hour is a gift from Hashem. LET US WAKE UP NOW & START TO LIVE A REAL LIFE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. A day gone is gone forever & cannot be made up. Anything pushed away or delayed because of laziness is too late to make up for.

    MESSAGE 3:
    This is the only lesson i realized that takes us a life time to learn (we never learn it ) & it gets revealed to us so many times each year. HOW LIFE GOES BY IN AN INSTANT. One second, father just made ????? from ??? & Mother is already lighting the candles, something is wrong here something has to be wrong 6 days just flew by .this is how every year goes by we go from ????? & Before you know it its time to order ????? ???? for ????? Then its exactly 30 days to ??? we then count exactly 7 weeks until ?????? then its exactly 4 weeks until ???? ??? ????? then comes the 3 weeks & then 3 weeks of summer & Before you know it its time to blow the ???? already YES A YEAR JUST FLEW BY & IS GONE FOREVER.

    MESSAGE 4:
    What can we learn from Birthday’s? Why did Hashem invent a day to celebrate a persons birth? There’s nothing wrong or goyish with having a birthday cake or party. The lesson we can learn is, that last year on this day i was 39, today i became 40. A complete year has just gone by. What have i accomplished during this time? Was my time spent wisely? (Wisely does not need to mean Learning & Davening etc…, going shopping & spending family quality time is also considered time spent wisely & actually very important to raise a happy & healthy family) Can I actually face Hashem now & say truthfully that I spent this past year wisely? Maybe we can learn that every minute counts & is so precious & now another full year is gone forever.

    May all these messages penetrate into our hearts & lives, and become a part of us.

  2. what a shame that MATZAV did not print the above letter I sent. when so many people can learn from it & can start to tthank Hashem & appreciate life from it.

    I hope Hashem forgives you for making a chillul Hashem. by not posting the above message you have avoided a Kiddush Hashem & people thanking hashem for the gift of life. thus causing a chillul Hashem

  3. I HOPE Hsshem will forgive you for forsaking His holy name & not making a Kiddush Hashem when you had the chance to, perhaps you might be forgiven if you post this newsletter on top of latest news as if it was just posted in the news.

    I personally would do anything to make a Kiddush Hashem anytime I get the opportunity. up to the level of Rabbi Akiva who awaited to give up his life just to be mekadaish Hashem.
    it takes lots of hard ruchnius labor to reach such a high level, if you can reach this level then you will be fortunate to go on the web-like me now-without it affecting you,cause all of it is blank false when a person is on such a high madreiga so it doesn’t affect you.


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