Life Is Good: Lapid Skips Vote on VAT for Vacation in Paris


finance-minister-yair-lapidFinance Minister Yair Lapid skipped a vote in the Knesset on the rise in the value added tax (VAT) in favor of a vacation in France today.

The move was met with anger by the opposition, since Lapid was able to find the time just several hours earlier to hold a news conference following the passing of the recommendations of the Perry Committee on drafting chareidim in to the army. The members of the opposition accused Lapid of creating a spin over the debate on the draft law in order to hide the raising of the VAT from the public.

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  1. Now it is clear that this son of a Goy, Yair Lapid, is a RASHA MERUSHA!!! Velamalshinim al tehi sikva!

  2. This guy is SO out of touch with his constituents it’s mind-boggling. This trip to France – timed with a vote to raise the VAT, which will cause such hardship for the “middle class”(not that he knows what that means) which professes to be so concerned about – just proves it.

  3. Son of a goy?

    If you expect people to listen to you and reason with you, you might want to actually watch how you talk.


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