Likud: Olmert Is Inciting The World Against Israel


 olmertHours after former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared that his successor – Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu – and his government were dragging Israel into unprecedented isolation with his policy on Jewish settlements, the ruling Likud Party countered with its own criticism against Olmert.

“Olmert, who incites the world against Israel, who instigated the rise of Hamas when he supported the unilateral withdrawal from Gush Katif (Gaza settlement bloc) and brought the Goldstone report upon us, he is the last person who can preach to the prime minister,” said a Likud statement issued on Saturday evening.

The statement stressed that contrary to what Olmert had told Channel 2’s Meet the Press earlier in the day, “During Operation Pillar of Defense, in which the IDF dealt a blow to Hamas, Netanyahu succeeded in rallying the entire international community.”

In the interview, Olmert singled out Israel’s recent announcement that it would build new settlement homes in the E1 corridor near Jerusalem. The plan has sparked international protest.

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  1. the entire left, from the disgusting liberal Israeli media (led by the openly antisemitic Haaretz) and followed faithfully by the treif politicians


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