Rush Limbaugh Suggests World War II Not As Harmful to America as Obama


rush-limbaugh-obamaAccording to the U.S. government, 405,399 Americans died during the second world war, a conflict that claimed over 60 million lives all around the globe. According to talk show host Rush Limbaugh, the United States has already suffered a much more devastating blow at the hands of President Obama, just one year into his presidency.

During his Feb. 15 broadcast, Limbaugh suggested that big-box retail chain Walmart lobbies Washington lawmakers to keep Obama from “nationalizing” them.

“The last time this happened was World War II,” Limbaugh said. “But that was because there was a war on and it made sense. But there’s no war on right now, other than the Taliban wing of the Republican party and its war against Obama and the Democrats.”

Of Republicans’ conflict with President Obama, Rush said, “but that’s hardly World War II,” then paused.

“Although …” he began. “Well, wait a minute. Country is under assault, moreso than we were during World War II, other than the Japanese. But the Germans never attacked us, the Japanese did.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. The headline of this story doesn’t demonstrate any accuracy based upon the quote of Mr. Limbaugh’s comments in the story.

    Can we see the 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after of Mr. Limbaugh’s alleged comments?

    Additionally, Mr. Limbaugh always used subtle humorous sarcasm, and one needs to understand what was said in context.

  2. yes, he’s right when talking about the state of the country, and the powers the government exerted over its’ citizens. He’s not talking about people getting murdered.

  3. The German Nazis yemachem shemam wanted to invade and take over the world. So do the Iranians, yemachem shemam. The only difference is that Haman-Ahmadinejad has nuclear weapons capable of mass destruction.

  4. He was referring to the money spent by the govt for jobs and nothing else. #1 was correct in that you needed to hear the comment in context.

  5. Is this guy real? The Germans weren’t a danger to the US? Maybe not to him – he’s a white racist and most likely a closet anti-Semite (remember his remarks about Jews and Wall Street?)

    The Germans wanted to kill me – and you – and Mr. Limbaugh is OK with this? He thinks the President is worse? This guy needs a shrink.


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