Lipa: Bring Back Our Boys




  1. There would be a neat story if Matzav did a story where all of our readers sent in a photo with the #bring back our boys sign displayed. Might be solidarity. I posted one to facebook tonight after seeing Lipa here. He was that inspiring!


  2. Don’t get this whole trend of making songs and the like. Hashem listens to teffilah not songs, facebook and twitter

  3. G-d listens to your tehillim, but humanity sees your signs. If you hate G-ds ways, go back to living with the pharaoh. Because of your sign like Lipa above, someone else will say a prayer and a tehillim. Your intuition is counterproductive and the sad situation with many in the religious communities today. They would rather run dry than field dreams. Too bad you did not learn from the Western Society which is G-ds way in a heartbeat concerning that it is very safe. Think before you break your nose.


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