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obama-romney-20128:53p ABC News is projecting President Obama will win New Hampshire – ABC News

8:19p President Barack Obama won the reliably Democratic Northeast, and Republican Mitt Romney secured his Republican conservative base Tuesday night in a tense duel for the White House shadowed by a weak economy and high unemployment. The critical battlegrounds with the key to victory were unsettled – Virginia, Ohio and Florida among them – with long lines in many locations after poll-close time. Romney led in the national popular vote with 13 million votes, or 51 percent, to 12 million or 47 percent for Obama, with 10 percent of the precincts tallied. Read the full story. – AP

8:12p With 76 percent of Florida precincts reporting, Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by less than 1,300 votes. – CNN

8:08p CNN projects that Republicans will maintain majority control of the U.S. House of Representatives. – CNN

8:07p Watch: David Schecter talks with political analyst Jeff Eller about the impact of social media on the 2012 election. – WFAA

8:01p CNN projects Texas, Kansas, Lousiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming for Mitt Romney; Michigan, New Jersey and New York for Obama.  Romney has 152 electoral votes and Obama has 123; 270 are necessary to win. – CNN

7:58p ABC News projects President Obama will win New York – ABC News

7:39p The electoral vote total swings back to Mitt Romney with 73 to Barack Obama’s 64. – CNN

7:33p ABC News projects Mitt Romney will win in Tennessee. – ABC News

7:31p Barack Obama has a 58 to 40 percent lead in the popular vote so far in Ohio, with about 20 percent of the vote counted. – ABC News and CNN

7:30p ABC News projects Romney will win in Georgia and Alabama. –ABC News

7:17p President Barack Obama moved ahead Tuesday night in the race for the White House, rolling up victory margins in the reliably Democratic Northeast and at home in Illinois. Republican Mitt Romney secured his conservative base in an election season shadowed by a weak economy and high unemployment. Romney led in the popular vote, gaining 51 percent to the president’s 47 percent with 1 percent of the precincts reporting. But the early-deciding states gave Obama 64 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House, to 40 for Romney. – AP

7:16p CNN projects that Mitt Romney will win in Georgia. – CNN

7:07p Early voting returns in the U.S. Senate race show Republican Ted Cruz with 62 percent of the vote in his race with Democrat Paul Sadler. –WFAA

7:01p CNN projects Barack Obama as the winner in Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. Mitt Romney wins in Oklahoma, CNN says. At this moment, Obama has 64 electoral votes and Romney has 40; 270 are needed to win the White House.  – CNN

6:58p Mitt Romney is the projected winner in Indiana. – AP

6:55p Sporadic problems were reported Tuesday at polling places around the country, many in Pennsylvania including a confrontation involving Republican inspectors over access to some polls and a voting machine that lit up for Republican Mitt Romney even when a voter pressed the button for President Barack Obama. One Florida elections office mistakenly told voters in robocalls the election was on Wednesday. – AP

6:38p ABC News projects Mitt Romney the winner in South Carolina. – ABC News

6:32p Mitt Romney projected as winner in West Virginia. – AP

6:31p ABC is not projecting a winner in the key swing state of Ohio now that the polls have closed. – ABC News

6:27p Polls in North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia close at 6:30 p.m. CT. – WFAA

6:25p CNN is calling Indiana for Mitt Romney. – CNN

6:22p Mitt Romney leads in the early popular vote by a margin of 63 to 35 percent. That’s not a surprise because many of the earliest precincts reporting are in reliably Republican Kentucky and Indiana. – AP

6:18p “We’re in the no surprise area,” said WFAA political analyst Jeff Eller. “Virginia’s polls close at 7 o’clock our time … if they’re comfortable making a projection early, I think it’ll be a relatively short night. Virginia is the state that I would watch early on tonight.”  As of this minute, Mitt Romney is projected to win 19 electoral votes, and Barack Obama has 3; 270 are needed to win the White House. – WFAA

6:04p The Associated Press and CNN project Barack Obama as the winner in Vermont; CNN projects Romney the winner in Kentucky. View the national presidential election map.

5:56p Speaking to reporters on his plane, Mitt Romney says, “I’ve only written one speech at this point.” Which, reportedly, weighs in at 1,118 words long. President Barack Obama, meanwhile, tells a Denver Fox affiliate he has two speeches at the ready. – CNN & FOX31

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  1. Even if it is an electoral loss ,a popular majority against the incumbent is a big moral victory and will be very hard to construe as a mandate

  2. Too bad Mitt McCain couldn’t get support from the right wing Conservative base. Mitt was a terrible candidate. The GOP put 2 losers in a row. What a shame.


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