paris4[Continuous live updates below.] Six hostages were taken at a kosher grocery in eastern Paris today.

The following are updated from the Mirror and TIMES POSTED ARE LOCAL.

5:07 pm – Mood at scene changing as reports of hostage deaths emerge

Daily Mirror chief reporter Andy Lines is on the scene as Paris is coming to terms with its latest atrocities.

Writing on Twitter, he says news of the suspected hostage deaths is beginning to get round.

He tweeted: “The mood is changing here as news start to trickle through that four hostages may have been killed in the rescue attempt.”

5:05 pm – Reports claiming some hostages killed

Unconfirmed reports are coming through claiming that a number of hostages have been killed.

Le Monde is reporting their police sources say ‘several’ hostages killed.

BFMTV say at least three hostages are dead, Sky say at least four. RTL says three more are critically injured.

We will bring you confirmation as soon as we have it.

5:02 pm – Supermarket ‘on fire’

More dramatic pictures from the scene of the siege have shownbright orange flames engulfing the Paris supermarket as police storm the building.

Another image shows a small boy – dressed in beige trousers and a navy blue t-shirt – being carried away.

This would appear to confirm earlier reports that the hostages were women and a child.

4:58 pm – One officer ‘seriously injured’

France Info quote Vincent François, ex-negociator at the GIGN saying “there is apparently one seriously injured person on the GIGN side” at Vincennes.

RTL quote the brother of Fréderic Boisseau as saying: “I am relieved those people won’t do any more harm.”

Applause was heard when the fire truck left the cordon around the supermarket.

4:45 pm – Amedy Coulibaly believed ‘shot dead’

Amedy Coulibaly is believed to have been shot dead by police who stormed the building as dusk fell in Paris. It appears the the assault took place around 10 minutes after the raid in Dammartin-en-Goele.

Images are now emerging of a group of people – believed to be the supermarket hostages – being escorted from the building.

They walked hurriedly and with arms around each other as they made their way to safety.hostages

4:43 pm – Hostages freed

Here’s the first picture of the hostages who have been through hell for the last few hours.

A number of women can be seen being escorted by armed police, with one apparently being carried over an officers shoulder.

Unconfirmed earlier reports said there were five or six hostages involved.

4:41 pm – Some hostages ‘unhurt’

Early reports on the ground say that some of the hostages have escaped unhurt.

Police stormed the building in the last half hour.

There are conflicting reports about whether the gunman is dead.

AFP is claiming he has been ‘neutralised’ – which could also mean killed.

4:37 pm – Dramatic moment the police stormed the supermarket

The first picture below shows the dramatic moment French forces stormed the sieged supermarket.

Below that you can see the officers advancing towards the scene earlier.

They are all wearing balaclavas and carrying special equipment.Members of the French police special forces launch the assault and evacuate the hostages at a kosher grocery store in Porte de VincennesMembers of the French police special force advance with their equipment near the scene of a hostage taking at a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris

4:34 pm – Pictures of the assault on the supermarket

Below we have the first pictures of the assault by police on the Jewish supermarket.

Special forces have in the last few minutes launched an attack on the building, which was under siege for the last few hours.

The gunman who took people hostage is reportedly dead. No details yet on whether any of his hostages are dead.

Members of the French police special forces launch the assault at a kosher groceryFrench intervention police

4:27 pm – Ambulances on scene

Reporters on the ground have described a series of loud explosions at the supermarket scene.

Andy Lines has seen a number of Red Cross ambulances moving in.

The press are being pushed further back by the police as they take control of the incident.

4:26 pm – Supermarket hostage taker ‘dead’

The hostage taker at Vincennes is also dead according to Le Monde, citing police sources.

No official confirmation yet.

Meanwhile Daily Mirror chief reporter Andy Lines has been describing the terrifying scene, straight from Paris.

4:23 pm – No details on deaths or injuries yet – other raid successful

Three explosions have been reported at the assault of the Jewish supermarket.

There are no details yet about any deaths or injuries.

At the simultaneous raid in the north of the city though, the two brothers holding hostages have reportedly been killed.

4:19 pm – Gunshots – then silence

Le Monde reporters at Vincennes say they heard a number of gunshots and explosions – now it is silent.

Earlier this afternoon there were unconfirmed reports that the supermarket suspect had claimed he would kill the hostages if the police stormed the print factory.

This may well have factored into the police decision to hit both sieges at the same time.

4:17 pm – Explosions reported

Four big explosions have been reported at Vincennes.

The police appear to be launching synchronized assaults on both sieges.

Officers dealing with the other hostage situation at the print factory in the north at the same time.Police approach the scene equipped with a shield

4:09 pm – More pictures of armed police

More pictures of the significant police presence at the scene of the hostage crisis in eastern Paris.

Below you can see officers armed with rifles and wearing body armour.

In the bottom picture you can see how many vehicles have been called out to the scene.Police mobilize with reports of a hostage situation at Port de VincennesPolice forces gather together at Porte de Vincennes after at-least one person was injured when a gunman opened fire at a Kosher Grocery Store

4:04 pm – Aunt of hostage speaks

Israeli news website Mako published an account of a woman whose niece is trapped in the supermarket.

She said: “My niece is in the deli with her ​​baby, who is six months old.”

The unidentified woman said her niece’s husband noticed that his wife did not return home from the supermarket and realised something was wrong.

“He called the whole family. They are probably hiding in the basement.

“It’s like what happens in the movies. There is uncertainty and helplessness.”

4:03 pm – Suspect reportedly met former French president Nicolas Sarkozy

The Telegraph is reporting that the suspected gunman Amedy Coulibaly reportedly met former French president Nicolas Sarkozy five years ago.

Newspaper clippings of an interview Coulibaly gave after the meeting in 2009 have surfaced on Twitter.

It reportedly took place in the Élysée Palace when Mr Sarkozy met nine young French men who got just jobs in a local factory. They were all from Grigny, a tough Parisian suburb torn by riots 10 years ago, the Telegraph says.

“Sarkozy is not truly popular with the youth in the estates. But that is nothing personal. In fact it is the case for most politicians,” said Coulibaly. “The encounter really impressed me. Whether I like him or not, he is the president after all.”

3:52 pm – Coulibaly associate denies involvement

Djamel Beghal, who has been linked to Coulibaly and Chérif Kouachi, has said through his lawyer that he has nothing to do with the attacks of the last few days.

His lawyer says: “He told me he has nothing to do with the events happening, and deplores, especially for the security of his family that is in London, the amalgams that present him as the brain of the terror attacks of 1995 in France, even though he was never challenged in that case.”

The lawyer talked to AFP after speaking to his client who is in Rennes.  Beghal met Chérif Kouachi while in prison.

3:50 pm (10:50 AM EST) – Girlfriend not believed to be in supermarket

Le Monde have clarified that while the appeal for witnesses includes Hayat Boumeddiene, it is not thought she is actually in the supermarket.

Her details have been released to try and track down the suspect Coulibaly.

Police are currently at Rue des Rosiers, where businesses were told to shut as a preventative measure.

3:47 pm – Press ‘being evacuated’ from siege area

Le Monde is saying the press is being evacuated from the zone in Porte de Vincennes.

Le Figaro say that both situations – in Porte de Vincennes and in Dammartin are linked, according to a police source.

The source also said “the hostage taker at Vincennes has threatened to kill all hostages if the the GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, French special forces) give the go-ahead in Dammartin against the two brothers Kouachi”.

The latter report is unconfirmed.

3:41 pm – More on evacuated shul

The shul referred to earlier, that has been evacuated is also known as the Grand Synagogue of Paris.

It was completed in 1874 having taken seven years to build.

Ironically it was where the marriage of Alfred Dreyfus took place in 1890 – a key figure in the history of French anti-semitism.

Dreyfuss was a Jewish artillery officer famously persecuted in France in the late 19th century.

He was tried and wrongly convicted for treason in a case that exposed anti-semitism in French society and the military

3:30 pm – Movements of the suspect

Le Monde is reporting that suspect Amedi Coulibaly was still in Grande Borne, a housing estate in the Esson department of southern Paris, last weekend.

“We saw each other, we had a conversation, we said we’d see each other again,’ a source who claims to have seen him there, who has asked to be kept anonymous for security reasons.

“He was someone who progressively slipped from small to big crime then toward radical Islam,” the source continued.  “He spent a big part of his life in prison.”

According to sources, the paper claims he never had a mobile phone, to avoid being tracked.

He would often come back to Grande Borne, even though he didn’t live there anymore, the paper continued.

He had been seen last week in a café of Viry-Chatillon, a town nearby, Le Monde is also reporting.

3:21 pmCall for uncreased police patrols in British Jewish areas

The Community Security Trust (CST) provides security and training for Jewish communities in the UK and monitors antisemitic incidents.

The group says it has asked for increased police patrols in Jewish areas in London and Manchester over the weekend in the light of the Paris attack.

The charity said: “Although there is currently no known link to the UK we believe it is important for us to ensure that security across the Jewish community is at an appropriate level this Shabbat.”

3:19 pm – residents evacuation

Residents are also being evacuated from Saint Mande by armed police now.

Police have reportedly increased the size of the security cordon as they continue to deal with the crisis.

3:17 pm – Parents can collect children – unless they’re in the security zone

Parents of pupils can go fetch their children at the normal end of school time except for schools in the security zone at Porte de Vincennes.

Porte Doree, porte de Montreuil, porte de Vincennes and Saint Mandré have all been closed.

New police vehicles have also now arrived at the scene of the hostage crisis.

3:13 pm: Shul closed

Le Monde is reporting that the large synagogue at La Victoire has been evacuated, apart from security staff.

According to police there will be no service tonight.

However at the synagogue in Rue Copernic they have said: “We are not afraid. The only service that has been cancelled was during the Second World War.”

3:11 pm – Woman has call from mother – who is being held hostage

A woman has told how she received a phone call from her mother, who is being held hostage in the shop in Porte de Vincennes.

She told Europe 1: “She called me and told me ‘I am in the shop, I love you’.

“I am scared. Someone told me there have been two deaths. No one has told me if it is my mother or not.”

Police have called for shops on the Rue des Rosiers, in the Jewish quarter of Paris, to close early “as a precaution”.

3:10 pm – Jewish neighbourhood shops closed

Police have ordered all shops closed in a famed Jewish neighbourhood in central Paris, far from the two developing hostage situations.

The mayor’s office in Paris announced the closures of shops along the Rosiers street in Paris’s Marais neighbourhood, in the heart of the tourist district and about a kilometre away from the offices of newspaper Charlie Hebdo where 12 people were killed on Wednesday.

Hours before Shabbos, the street is usually especially crowded with shoppers – French Jews and tourists alike.

3:09 pm – Video of police action

VIDÉO EXCLUSIVE – Les images d’une arrestation…

The dramatic footage above shows officers arresting an unidentified man at the scene of the hostage crisis.

The video was posted on Daily Motion.

The description comment, loosely translate, says: :A witness was able to film Porte de Vincennes… the arrest of a man by police forces.

“It is not known yet [if he] is a hostage taker, a bystander or an employee of the store where the attack took place.”

3:01 pm (10:01 AM EST) – Witness describes scene

Benjamin Sire, a freelance journalist, is stuck in an office of a building overlooking the roundabout Porte de Vincennes.

He told Le Figaro: “I am in an office in height, I have a view over the roundabout Porte de Vincennes.

“The place is deserted, there are more than fire trucks – I see six – and police cars.

“Helicopters rotate above. Everything went very quickly at 1.30pm. We heard suddenly many sirens, helicopters of noise, and they evacuated the whole place in a few minutes.

“It was very impressive speed. I tried to leave the building, but the police have banned me. ”

2:58 pm – Andy Lines, Reporter on the scene

Our chief reporter Andy Lines is now at the scene of the hostage crisis in Paris.

He will be reporting live from the ground as the drama continues to unfold.

Below is one of his tweets having spoken to a woman who believes her daughter is inside the supermarket under siege.

Follow his tweets at @andylines and we’ll bring you them here too.

2:50 pm- Jewish MP anger

Tory MP Robery Halfon has expressed his outrage about the attacks on Twitter.

The Member of Parliament for Harlow in Essex is Jewish himself, and used the hashtag ‘DefendOurValues’.

He wrote: “Is there no end to this barbarism? Kosher supermarket siege full of shoppers for beginning of sabbath.”

2:47 pm- Shop closures

Mairie du 4ème on Twitter say that as a preventive measure, the mayor of the arrondissement and the police commissioner have asked for the immediate closing of all shops and business on Rosiers road.

Schools have already been put on lockdown and roads closed as a result of the incident.

Still no police confirmation on the reported deaths.

2:41 pm- Eyewitness accounts

Romain, 31, lives on the 10th floor of a building that overlooks the front of the store Hide Hyper.

Speaking to Liberation, he said: “It was a little after 13 hours (1pm, French time). I was smoking a cigarette on my terrace, I hear one or two shots.

“Two people ran toward police… who supported them. I saw an ambulance arrive. ”

2:38 pm – Police positions

Here’s another picture showing the scale of the armed police response to the supermarket hostage situation.

Heavily armed and armoured police take position along the sliproad, having blocked the carriageway.

You can see the supermarket’s grey sign between the second and third tree on the left.

2:28 pm – Metro incident was false alarm

The Metro incident at the Trocadero has been confirmed as a false alarm.

Subway traffic has now returned to normal.

Clearly, whatever happened, it was taken seriously by police as the picture below shows.

2:25 pm – Security zone around hostage situation enlarged

According to Le Monde, RAID officers are at the scene of Porte de Vincennes, just waiting by their cars at the moment.

The security zone has also been enlarged.

Meanwhile, the Paris wide panic continues elsewhere – Terminal 1 of the airport of Beauvais has been evacuated due to a suspicious package – but it could be a false alarm.

2:22 pm – Map of the incidents

Portes de Vincennes is the location of the hostage situation, 28 miles away from the other hostage standoff in Dammartin-en-Goele.

On top of this, police have been called out to two other incidents though it is not yet clear whether they are related.

2:14 pm – Fourth incident reported

A fourth incident is now being reported.

The French is Metro blocked and an evacuation is happening at Place du Trocadero.

The metro is no longer stopping at that station and according to witnesses police are at the scene.

2:06 pm (9:06 AM EST) – Conflicting reports on injuries

One person was seriously wounded in the hostage-taking incident at a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris on Friday, a police union source said.

The interior ministry denied press reports that two people had been killed.

Police sources said one person was injured after being shot.

2:03 pm – Two suspects are ‘couple’

According to Le Monde, Hayat Boumeddiene is Amedy’s partner.

They have been a couple since 2010.

She had been waiting for her partner to come out of prison last spring, after four years inside.

He was living at hers since his release, the paper reports.

1:55 pm – Jewish solidarity

The Board of Deputies of British Jews advises people to follow the Twitter account of its French counterpart, the Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de France (Crif) .

A spokesman says they “stand with the French Jewish community in steadfast solidarity at this difficult time”.

According to the Jewish Year Book, there are 380,000 Jewish people in Paris.

1:51 pm- ‘My town is at war’

Another dramatic picture of the scene in eastern Paris now.

The instagram post below, from fabienwmk, says: “Helicopters, hundreds of cops, public enemy #3, dead hostages, my town is at war”.

There are scores of emergency workers are the scene, including police and firefighters.

1:47 pm- Suspects

It has been reported that the perpetrator behind the latest incident is suspected of shooting dead a policewoman yesterday in the Parisian suburb of Montrouge.

Police have issued an appeal for help tracing a man and a woman who they said are believed to be “armed and dangerous” in relation to yesterday’s killing.

They are Amedy Coulibaly, 32, and Hayat Boumeddiene, 26.

Police said they are being sought as part of the investigation following the “voluntary homicide” carried out in Montrouge in connection with a “terrorist enterprise”.

Hayat Boumeddiene and Amedy Coulibaly

Hayat Boumeddiene and Amedy Coulibaly

Two are now confirmed dead with the reports of the number of hostages taken rising from five to six.

1:33 pm (8:33 AM EST) – At least six being held hostage

Le Monde is citing a police source saying at least six people are being held hostage in the grocery store.

For those just joining us there was a shoot-out around the Hypercasher Vincennes in Porte de Vincennes in the east of the capital.

It is a Kosher supermarket, and armed police were sent out in response.

View of scene shows what are believed to be police hiding behind vehicles Suspected armed man reportedly takes hostage in kosher grocery, Paris

View of scene shows what are believed to be police hiding behind vehicles Suspected armed man reportedly takes hostage in kosher grocery, Paris

1:30 pm – Two now confirmed dead

Le Monde has now confirmed reports that at least two are dead at Porte de Vincennes.

There are also reports of a third incident taking place at the same time.

The fire brigade have been called out to a scene in Boulevard Davout, in the 20 arrondissement of Paris.

1:25 pm – More reports of two dead

RTL and AFP are also now saying at least two are dead in Porte de Vincennes.

A police source has also told Reuters that the gun man is equipped with automatic weapons.

Paris police have appealed for witnesses to find four dangerous individuals: the two Kouachi brothers, a woman, Hayat Boumeddiene and a man Amedy Coulibaly.

View of scene shows what are believed to be police hiding behind vehicles Suspected armed man reportedly takes hostage in kosher grocery, Paris

1:23 pm – Pupils ‘confined to schools’

According to Le Monde, pupils two schools have been told to stay indoors.

Children at the Lycée Maurice-Ravel and the college-lycée Hélène-Boucher, close to Porte de Vincennes, are confined in their schools.

Parents should not come and get them at the moment, a school director told one of the journalists at the scene.

It has been reported that a suspected armed man has reportedly taken a hostage in kosher grocery store

It has been reported that a suspected armed man has reportedly taken a hostage in kosher grocery store

1:22 pm (8:22 AM EST) – Unconfirmed reports that two are now dead in the incident

French TV channel Itele is now saying there are at least two dead at Porte de Vincennes, but as yet there is no confirmation.

According to Le Monde there have been two people involved in the Porte de Vincenne hostage situation.

One is in the kosher grocery store, the other one has given himself in.

They supposedly shot another shop next door then decided to go to the kosher store.

Hypercacher Jewish supermarket in port de Vincennes

Hypercacher Jewish supermarket in port de Vincennes

1:19 pm – ‘It’s war’

A Le Monde journalist Damien Leloup  has tweeted a rather depressing exchange from in front of his window.

A child asked a passer-by: ‘hey what’s going on?’.

The passerby replied ‘well it’s war, eh’.

Un enfant depuis sa fenêtre appelle un passant : “eh msieur il se passe quoi ?” Réponse : “ah ben c’est la guerre hein”

– Damien Leloup (@Damien_Leloup) January 9, 2015

1:18 pm – Paris mayor reacts with horror

Anne Hidalgo, Paris mayor, has tweeted about the situation.

She says as soon as she heard she made her way to the scene.

She says in the tweet below that she is ‘horrified’ by the hostage crisis.

J’ai appris avec horreur qu’une prise d’otage avait débuté, Porte de Vincennes, et me suis immédiatement rendue sur place.

– Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) January 9, 2015

1:16 pm – Front row to siege

A Twitter user called David who said he was in a restaurant near the scene at Porte de Vincennes reported hearing gunshots.

He wrote: “Everyone is under the tables. The atmosphere is changing between nervous laughter and the first signs of stress.”

He posted images of armed officers crouched at the side of a car, with the message below.

Un civil s’est rendu les mains sur la tête, juste un passant semble-t-il (non confirmé)

– david_dlr (@daviddlr) January 9, 2015

1:15 pm – Gunman ‘addresses police’

“He has two assault rifles,” the Figaro source says.

Addressing the officers who surrounded him, the gunman reportedly said: “You know very well who I am.”

There are still local reports saying that so far one person was reportedly been hurt in the latest incident.

Hypercacher Jewish supermarket in port de Vincennes

1:13 pm – Extremely dangerous situation

There are at least five hostages in the kosher grocery attacked Porte de Vincennes, according to a police source contacted by The

The same paper indicates that the hostage taker is the person sought in the killing of Montrouge.

“It is extremely dangerous,” says the same source.

Below we have another picture from the dramatic scene.

Hypercacher Jewish supermarket in port de Vincennes

1:12 pm – Schools and trains on lockdown

There are reports that the hostage taker has said he will keep the hostages as long as his friends are under police siege at the printing company.

Schools and train stations near the hostage-taking go into lockdown, according to the News Executive twitter profile.

The source claims the hostage taking in Vincennes ‘seems to be coordinated with the two terrorists that are being held in Dammartin-en-Goele’.

The Reports are on a African looking male that opened fire and took 5 to 6 people hostage, Will try to bring as much information as possible

– News_Executive (@News_Executive) January 9, 2015

1:08 pm – At the scene

The gunman in Vincennes is believed to be the one responsible for shooting a policewoman dead in south Paris on Thursday, said police sources.

The revelation has led police to link it to the murder of 12 people around the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine on Wednesday.

Clarissa Jean-Philippe, 27, was unarmed and directing traffic in Montrouge, in south Paris, when she was gunned down by a man wearing body armour and using an automatic assault rifle.

The murderer, who is in his 30s, has been identified by police who said he belonged to the Buttes Chaumont network, which sent Jihadi fighters to Iraq.

Hypercacher Jewish supermarket in port de Vincennes

1:05 pm – ‘Shots fired’

Shots rang out close to the Porte de Vincennes while the two brothers believed to be behind the attack on the satirical magazine were themselves hold up north of the capital.

‘There is a hostage situation – shots have been fired,’ said a Paris police source, who said armed officers were attending the scene.

It is thought that there may be casualties. Around five hostages have been reported.’

1:03 pm – ‘Same gunman as Charlie Hebdo shooting’

There were unconfirmed reports that the man involved in the supermarket incident is the same as that suspected of killing a policewoman in a southern suburb of Paris on Thursday.

A police source has told Reuters he was a member of the same jihadist group as the two suspects in the attack at weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

More details on this as we get them.

1:00 pm (8 AM EST) – Armed police

As you would expect, armed police have been sent out to the store to deal with the situation.

In the picture below you can see French officers in heavy gear carrying weaponry.

One person has been involved so far in the Kosher supermarket standoff.

Shooting at Porte de Vincennes in ParisShooting at Porte de Vincennes in Paris at kosher grocery store

12:58 pm – 5 hostages in the store

French news agencies are reporting that five hostages have been taken.

There are various unconfirmed reports that they include women and children.

AFP say there is at least one injured at Porte de Vincennes so far.

12:57 pm – Ministry confirms hostages

The Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve  has confirmed a hostage taking has occurred with ‘several people’ involved – as yet we don’t know how many.

Elysee just posted a photo on twitter of president Hollande supervising the operations from the ‘situation room’ of the Ministry of the Interior.

President François Hollande has asked Mr Cazeneuve to go to the scene in Porte de Vincennes

Le président @fhollande supervise les opérations dans la “situation room” du ministère de l’Intérieur,

– Élysée (@Elysee) January 9, 2015

12:55 pm – Evacuation

Police officers in bulletproof vests have evacuated the area at Porte Vincennes while they deal with the developing situation.

12:51 pm – Trams suspended

French newspaper Le Monde is reporting that an armed man is inside the kosher grocery store in Porte de Vincennes.

It is ‘probable’ he has taken hostages, they say.

It is also believed to be the same man from yesterday’s shooting, according to the paper.

Tram line traffic has been interrupted between the stations of Porte de Charenton and Porte de Vincennes according to other French media sources.

12:49 pm – Supermarket shootout

This is the scene where the latest Paris shooting incident is taking place.

Hyper Cacher is a Jewish supermarket in the east of the city that serves Kosher food.

French media are reporting that a hostage has been taken while the police are posted outside.

Kosher Supermarket HayperCacher

12:49 pm (7:49 AM EST) – Another Paris shooting

Another shooting has been reported in the Port de Vincinnes area of Paris’s 11th Arrondisement.

The incident is being linked in the French media to the shooting to death of a policewoman in the city yesterday.

A man is also being reported to have taken a hostage in a Jewish grocers store.

The news will add to the tension in the capital.

Police are reportedly linking the latest shooting in the east of Paris to the murder of policewoman Clarissa Jean-Philippe in the city yesterday.

The man involved is believed to fit the description of the man who killed her – of north African appearance, wearing a bulletproof vest.

The shooting is reported to have taken place at a Jewish grocery.

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