Live Video: Reporting from Sydney, Australia After Hostage-Taking



  1. I wonder- How can it be considered to be a KOSHER cafe when it has X-mas greetings/decorations in the window???
    someone from there please explain.

    Hashem must be begging us to wake up and do Teshuva! NOW sending ISIS to wake us up.

  2. You bet Hashem is waiting for our Teshuva. And if it doesn’t come ASAP the situation in k lal Yisroel will change from tragic to horrific C”V

    Whats wrong with us in today’s generation? We just wont wake up and do teshuva but instead we sit around and watch the situation get worse and worse.

    Maybe you have an answer to my many years of confusion as I watch the situation worsen.

    If someone’s health were in critical condition do you think he would just sit there and do nothing? He would do anything to save his life

    Anyone with an honest answer would be greatly appreciated


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