– Breakthrough Cooking Show for the Kosher Chef


dinnerLaunched just in time for the Yomim Tovim, a brand new website that is sleek, sophisticated, fun, and, frankly, mouth-watering is available to the frum public. has received a firsthand look at’s high quality “cooking show”-style featurettes for every recipe offered. Not only can you add delectable recipes to your repertoire, but you can see how it’s done as well.  

Headlined by the inimitable Chef Naomi Nachman, culinary images featured on professional programs, as well as cookbooks, a cooking DVD and a variety of newspaper articles, the prospect of “more chefs to come” is a promising one.

“People ask me all the time what I’m making for supper, what’s in my shopping cart,” says Chef Naomi. “With this show, I’m inviting everyone into my kitchen, to see what my family eats. We’re gonna cook together, discover new foods, but most of all, have lots of fun!”

Chef Naomi adds just the right zest and flavor that any cooking show needs, and it is fun.

But is not just about the cooking videos. It’s designed specially to provide interactivity between the viewers and the chefs via message boards appearing below each recipe. Be it questions about ingredients, comments, ideas, or requests for recipes, the host chef is constantly updating these boards with postings of her own.

Just in time for Sukkos, the website features a delectable four course meal, with promises of much more to come. is pioneering the world of Jewish media, raising the bar in quality and content. 

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. what timing. also live now you can search kosher restaurants tailored to your specific address (not just zipcode) and it lists results closest to you first.

    We’ll be eating well…

  2. Naomi,

    Hi! It is Debbie Katz (Small) writing to you from Australia. I spoke to you this morning and want to send you my email address so we can stay in touch. I Hoping that I will eventually find my way back to New York as a writer.

    Love you website. Good on ya!

    Take Care

    Debbie Katz (Small)

  3. I just visited the site and I think they did a fantastic job putting it together. The videos are great quality with very useful content. I also like the way I can interact with the chef! This is the type of site I have been searching for.


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