Long Island’s South Shore Homes Inundated With Sewage


sewageAs the clean-up from superstorm Sandy continues, there is a new environmental concern that has sprouted up in some towns along the South Shore of Long Island.

The storm churned up debris, gasoline, home heating oil and other hazardous materials. Many homes and waterways were also inundated with raw sewage.

“They are neither addressing or acknowledging that raw sewage ran through our homes. We don’t know how to protect ourselves from it and we don’t know what the long-term effects are. We are scared,” Bay Park homeowner Randi Gerry told CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan.

Gerry’s home has been condemned, after thigh high raw sewage gushed into her house and others in the neighborhood.

Two weeks after the storm, sewage continues to buckle the streets, McLogan reported.

“When we pulled up here, this whole block was filled with raw sewage and about two to three feet high. Looked like a water main break,” South Shore contractor Scott Schellas told McLogan.

Contractors are working all across the South Shore, working on short-term safety solutions to the catastrophic breakdown of several Long Island sewage treatment plants.

“This one is full of mold. Stinks. You can smell the sewage in it,” sewage remover Pete Sobierajski told McLogan.

The biggest breach took place at the Bay Park sewage treatment facility where a nine foot wall of water flooded the pumps.

That led to the sewage inundation of more than 100 homes across nine South Shore villages, McLogan reported.
The full extent of the environmental impact is not yet known. But residents who are still without power and heat said the raw sewage just adds insult to injury.

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