Lost Tallis and Tefillin


tallisDear Matzav readers,

I lost my talis and tefillin in the Israeli airport or it fell out on the highway next to the airport. There were other valuables inside. It had the name Lieberman on the outside of the tallis and tefilin. If anyone finds it, our phone number is 718.337.8577.

Thank you so much in advance.

Ch. Lieberman


  1. Matzav is very kind to post this. When something like this happens, you need worldwide exposure to have a decent shot at getting it returned.

    Tizku L’Mitzvos!

  2. If you haven’t already done so, you might wish to call the airport; most airports have a lost and found department. Also, maybe give tzedaka or do a specific mitzvah in the zechus that you should find it, & of course daven & also say that losing it should serve as a kapparah. Hatzlacha rabbah, I hope you find it! Wishing you all the best!


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