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Sports Illustrated magazine featured an extensive profile on Orthodox-Jewish college basketball player Aaron Liberman on Wednesday. The article details Liberman’s efforts to balance faith, academics and basketball at Tulane University, a challenge the young athlete calls “a triple major.”

Sports Illustrated pointed out that Liberman is the second Orthodox student to play Division I college basketball. The other was Tamir Goodman, the so-called “Jewish Jordan.”

Liberman started his NCAA career at Northwestern University. According to Sports Illustrated, he transferred to Tulane in order to get more playing time.

The switch is not without its difficulties. While Tulane has a sizable Jewish student population- the 9th largest of any private university- Liberman told Sports Illustrated that he thinks he is the only Orthodox Jew at Tulane. Still, Liberman feels as though he has the full support of his coach.

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  1. So what! Big deal!!! let the goy’im play their games. Amalek is in sports! He loves it when we join him for a game or two.

  2. Here we go again!

    Wow! Kiddush Hashem! Me Ki’amcha Yisroel! True torah models! Miseras Nefesh! Kol Yisroel yesh lahem chelek Le’olam Haba!

    I’ve already instructed all my sons & son’s in law to close their Gemorahs and take up Basketball! This is the new Yiddishkeit!


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