Mahmoud Abbas’s Wife Undergoes Surgery….In Israel


abbasDoctors in Israel performed surgery on Amina Abbas, the wife of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, at a private clinic near Tel Aviv over the weekend, as tensions between Israel and the PA mounted over the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian terrorists.

The operation on Abbas’s leg was performed on Friday, and she was released today.

Abbas was hospitalized at the Assuta Medical Center in Ramat Hachayal, near Tel Aviv. Her stay in a private room at the clinic was kept under wraps and security guards were stationed to maintain her privacy round the clock. Other patients were unaware of the identity of the VIP in the private room and Hebrew media said hospital staff members were evasive when questioned.

Earlier this month Israel allowed the mother-in-law of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh into the country for medical treatment. The 68-year-old woman was granted entry from the Gaza Strip to receive cancer treatment at a Jerusalem hospital. Last November, Haniyeh’s granddaughter also received treatment in Israel for an infection in her digestive tract. She later died in Gaza.

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  1. They should keep this Dog’s wife in the Hospital until the 3 boys are returned home! No question about it!

  2. Abbas- Thrills for his own secretary of hate and then a penny for the liability of his own war. Give him some credit, he knows who is reliable and they are not pagan arabs.

  3. To #1 – No, not us. We are not them.
    This opportunity is a gift to Israel to show how much we are different than them.

  4. To #1 – No, not us. We are not them.
    This opportunity is a gift to Israel to show how much we are different than them.

  5. To # 5 & #6 = same person!
    Granted we are not them! But at least to get our boys back!!! What’s with you?? Generally I might agree with your position but not now: not until our boys are returned safely! The only way you teach a dog is in dog language.

  6. #5 we r perhaps not like them and so we won’t go kidnap their people or murder them but to save your enemy’s life while he threatens yours makes no sense and no it’s not a kidush hashem! They are “rodfim” so no they shouldn’t be allowed to enter Israel so they can get better to hurt us more.

  7. News items such as these would never be seen, conspicuous or inconspicuous, in papers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Time, etc.


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