Major Jewelry Heist In London Affects Jewish-Owned Businesses



A major safety deposit box heist in London’s Hatton Garden district during the Easter bank holiday weekend, in which nearly $300 million in jewelry and diamonds was stolen, reportedly affected dozens of Jewish-owned businesses.

Thieves ransacked as many as 300 safety deposit boxes on the premises of Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd after getting into the building through the roof. The thieves reportedly abseiled down a lift and then drilled through a wall to get to the vault door using heavy machinery, London police said.

“A lot of Jews will probably be affected by this-many local businesses keep deposit boxes there,” a local trader who self-identified as Shauli told the London Jewish Chronicle. “There are many Israelis and ultra-Orthodox Chassidic guys who work there, too. I believe there are around 50 or 60 Jewish businesses there.”

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  1. only about 70 boxes were broken into. the thieves came in on Friday, abseiled down the elevator shaft, and used heavy duty drills to break through the wall and the boxes. they were wearing high visibility jackets that said GAS on them, to make them look like gas workers. they walked away from the scene with the booty in bins. they came back again to finish the job the job!!!

  2. It’s not so much the money. It’s greed that is pure chametz and Hashem had no choice but to annihilate it over the “Easter” weekend.

  3. to #2 Hang In.
    I don’t know who you are, but if you look at the headline, you will see that many Yidden were affected. is this how you look at tzaros of klal yisroel??? Many of the Yidden had put their unfinished diamonds in over Pesach and they were stolen. Kallahs rings etc. were among the stolen goods!!!


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