Man Saved from Chandelier Tragedy Because of Birchas Hamazon and Zimun


yavneh (6)A fascinating story has emerged from the tragedy that occurred last week at the Adia banquet hall in Yavneh, where a large chandelier fell and caused the injury of dozens of guests and the death of one.

Days after the disaster, the story of Yakir Guetta was revealed. During the wedding, Yakir wanted to go to the bar of the hall, but he decided to first recite Birchas Hamazon. During that moment, the lighting fixture crashed into the bar area, wreaking havoc.

Yakir shared his story, relating that he was at the event with his mother and two brothers.

He said that before going to the bar, he told his brothers that they should make a zimun  – recited when three men eat together – and bentch before leaving their table.

“As soon as we finished Birchas Hamazon,” he related, “we saw that the bar had become a death trap with what became a terrible tragedy. And it all happened meters away, right where we would have been had we gone to the bar.”

Yakir added another aspect to his story: “At this point, my brother’s wife [who was not at the event] woke up in a panic after she dreamed that she was at his funeral. She called to see how he was doing” before she had heard about the tragedy.

“I do not understand the miracles or the calculations of Heaven,” he said. “I just know that it appears that we were given our lives as a gift.”

Yakir explained the reason he revealed his story: “I wish to let people know that I am not someone great or even an avreich. I am a sinner and do not always obey the mitzvos. I’m just a simple person who kept one little mitzvah, deciding to say thank you [to Hashem] for the food I ate.”

Az todah al hamazon v’al hamichyah – So thanks for the food and for my life,” concluded Yakir.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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