Man Who Stabbed Yehuda Brikman Found Mentally Unfit to Be Prosecuted


The 26-year-old man arrested for the February stabbing of Yehuda Leib Brikman in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was found unfit to be prosecuted at this time due to mental illness, JP UPDATES reports.

Keny Rochelin was arrested on March 10 in connection with the stabbing, which was initially investigated as a possible hate crime. Investigators at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office then determined that the stabbing of Brikman wasn’t a hate crime and Rochelin was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.

On Monday, JP UPDATES reports, Rochelin appeared in court and was found unfit to proceed at this time as a result of mental illness.




  1. How convenient. Why wasn’t this dangerous psychopath preemptively institutionalized, so as not to endanger the society? Even with attempted murder on his resume, will he be institutionalized for life, or will they let him out in a couple of years?


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