Manafort To Appear Before Judge Monday Afternoon


Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is scheduled to appear before a federal judge at 1:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

A sprawling 31-page indictment, unsealed on Monday morning, accuses Manafort of laundering millions of dollars through overseas accounts that he used to buy luxury goods in the United States. Read more at The Hill.



  1. Mueller was paid hundreds and thousands of US dollars from taxpayer’s money to investigate Russian collusion and all he found was some crime of many years earlier which had nothing to do with his task. He should be arrested and the money received returned.

    Reports that former President Barack Obama’s campaign organization, Obama for America, paid almost $1 million to a law firm paying money to Fusion GPS, the firm behind a salacious dossier about then-GOP nominee Donald Trump, raise many questions, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said Monday.

    “President Obama had it in for President Trump, then, at the time, the candidate,” Fitton told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program.

    “He campaigned so close, so much for Hillary Clinton that it hadn’t been done like that in 100 years. Then you had the dossier being used by the Obama FBI, the Obama Justice Department, maybe the Obama CIA to target team Trump.”

  2. Can you go back and report about the “elite” criminals in the Uranium One and Hillary’s anti-Trump Dossier? There should be a daily report about these criminals and their criminal activities.

    The only reason Manafort was indicted because he wasn’t ready to lie about Trump as Mueller begged him to and threatened to send him off to jail if he doesn’t.

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