Manhattan’s Ramaz School Clarifies Advice On Concealing Yarmulkas


yarmulkeWhen Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, the principal of Ramaz, an Orthodox day school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, first heard about last week’s attack in the neighborhood on a Jewish couple by a mob bearing Palestinian flags, he had an instinctual response. Maybe the male students at his school should consider wearing baseball caps over their yarmulkes when wandering around the neighborhood, he thought.

So he dashed off an email to his head of school, Paul Shaviv, suggesting parents might want to consider talking to their kids about it.

Then Lookstein thought again and realized he “absolutely did not agree with that policy” he had just suggested.

“I think that is giving the lunatics and terrorists a real victory,” Lookstein told JTA on Tuesday.

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  1. Don’t see anything wrong about it as we live in a society that is anti-Semitic both domestically & internationally. We need to defend ourselves physically, if able to do so or simple cosmetic to deflect any confrontation.

  2. You should not be worried about any hat. It COVERS your head. Mitzvah MADE!!!

    You might realize that Hashem might not think that a yarmulka is the only way to go.

    So if you live with other “secular” examples, realize it is a Religious way of life to enjoy the real time of tomorrow’s choices.

    Sadly, the yarmulka was not the entire fleet of headgear and if you like Torah, you might realize that Torah is not just one way to the sky. G-d very much in my feelings enjoys many types of head gear. I myself own over 20 hats that I regularly turn over and over in my days. Its more fun. You get complements. You also make them smile even more when you just wear a kippah as that startles them in a smart sense. So you can be very versatile. And if you are really worried about anti-semitism, show the world that you are not going to be running scared. Think about it and buy a few nice hats!

  3. One is fooling themselves if they think they can fool someone wearing a baseball cap
    Its about time to learn basic self defense
    techniques. Its a Mitzvah to be able to defend oneself and protect oneself from harm

  4. To number one – sure it’s not part of our mesora to have girls to wear tefillin but by doing so you’re not ‘giving in’ to the arabs. It’s a completely different issue.


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