Marco Rubio Fires Back At The New York Times Over Article Criticizing His Finances


????????Marco Rubio has fired back at the New York Times after the newspaper ran a story Tuesday focusing on the Republican presidential candidate’s purported financial struggles and his family’s traffic offenses.

“The New York Times today attacked Marco because he could not afford to pay for college, arrogantly describing his student loan debt as ‘a deep financial hole of his own making,’” said Rubio Communications Director Alex Conant in an email.

“The attack from the Times is just the latest in their continued hits against Marco and his family,” he added.

The New York Times also described an “extravagant… luxury speed boat” that Rubio had purchased with an $800,000 advance in 2012 for his memoirs, but Conant refutes that description of the vessel.

“That is not accurate. It’s a family fishing boat,” the spokesman said.

The New York Times piece, which cites a review of the Florida Senator’s financial records and sources close to him, claims that Rubio bought the $80,000, 24-foot speedboat and $50,000 Audi Q7 while struggling to pay off a student loan debt and second mortgage.

Along with the article, the paper also posted a photo of Rubio’s home in West Miami with the caption,”The Rubios live in a home in West Miami that is one of the more expensive ones in the area.” However, the residence is modest by South Florida standards.

“I know these attacks are part of running for president, but the fact remains that we can’t rely on the media to tell our campaign’s story,” Rubio said in a statement sent supporters.

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  1. NY Times. Easy gravity. Little pull.

    Rubio is not the talking monkey. His activities deserve review for human ethics, not petty duscrimination for socialist hate and envy. I hope this gives him more votes out of discredit to the times and I do not even support him!

  2. This is a joke. The Clinton’s laundered hundreds of millions through Canada, and this guy buys a boat with his own money and it becomes a story!?!?

    Hillary is responsible for the loss of an embassy and a diplomat on foreign soil. Erases the emails. No investigation. In the meantime, someone closes a traffic lane and there are six months of investigations.


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